'Glee' Dishes Up Love Fleetwood Mac Style

Dianna Agron Chord OverstreetOK Gleeks, time to put a few "Rumours" to bed. Specifically the pile of craziness that rocked McKinley High as the New Directions got what April Rhodes (Kristen Chenoweth is back!) called "a touch of the Mac."

That would be Fleetwood Mac, power band of the 70s and 80s, mega selling artists of the "Rumours" album, and last people I'd ever take relationship advice from. Which, come to think of it,dovetails with a bunch of high schoolers, doesn't it? Glee is a TV show; it's expected that its portrayal of high school be a little "off." But the faster those Gleeksters jumped to ill-formed conclusions about their teammates, the trippier my high school flashbacks were getting. They hit the nail right on the head with this one!


So how about a quiz, shall we? Hey, we are talking high school. We'll throw you the "rumours" that flew through McKinley courtesy of Sue Sylvester and crew, and you figure out which 3 are the truth:

1. Santana "plays for the other team" in the bedroom, and Brittany is interested in joining her.

2. Kurt is cheating on Blaine with Trouty Mouth, I mean, Sam.

3. Hells to the no, Sam is straight. Don't believe him? He's been canoodling with Quinn!

4. Rachel Berry wants Finn back, and Quinn is so jealous she could spit . . . if Cheerios did that sort of thing.

5. Mr. Schue's kicking the kids to the curb and taking off for the bright lights of Broadway.

6. Sam's not interested in hooking up; he's hanging out with his little sibs . . . in a motel room while his out-of-work dad and mom pound the pavement to get the family back on track. 

OK, if you guessed 1, 4, and 6 were true, you're not one of those fairweather Glee fans who only pays attention when they sing. You actually watched the rest of it. Good for you! Although you'll never make it on the Sue Sylvester run newspaper, the Muckracker where "If I heard it, it's probably true or something."

But fret not, Mr. Schue said it best when he reminded his kids (as he announced he's not taking April Rhodes' bait to hit Broadway . . . even if Sue did bring April home to set the man trap for Butt Chin), "If there's anything we've learned this week, it's that you can't believe everything you read." Well, that, and Rachel does a mean "You Can Go Your Own Way," even if Lindsey Buckingham wrote it from a man's perspective, and even Glee can turn a downer like a homeless teen into something upbeat by bringing two little homeless kids (Sam's sibs) onstage for a rendition of "Don't Stop." Too bad real high school days don't end with a pick-me-up like that. I might have been more enthusiastic about pep rallies.

What was your favorite rumor of the evening? Did you believe any of them . . . or wish any were true?


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