January Jones Pregnancy Could Cause Crazy 'Mad Men' Plot Twists

betty draperMaybe she thought if she announced it today, the media would mostly ignore it, since they'd be so wrapped up in that one big wedding across the pond. But that didn't stop many of us from paying attention to the fact that Mad Men's January Jones is with kiddo, as in preggo, as in ... expecting, and yes, sans baby daddy. Her rep declared in a statement, sweet and to the point, that, "January Jones is happy to announce that she is expecting her first child this Fall." Course we all wanna know who got Betty Draper pregnant, but there were no details on that. BOO.

Jon Hamm did comment, givin' CNN and the rest of us some juice to chug in the meantime ...

I'm very, very excited for her and very happy. And I think she's going to be a good mom. She got a lot of practice playing a terrible mother on the show so I think she's probably learned what not to do.


Yeah, it's silly that some people are suddenly speculating if Jones will stink as a mama just because she plays a horrendous one on TV. That's ridic. But, I wonder what will happen to her TV version in Mad Men's season 5, which is reportedly scheduled to begin shooting in July.

As you may know if you're casual watcher of the 1960s series, or a total Mad Men-aholic like yours truly, January plays Betty Draper Francis, protagonist Mad Man Don Draper's ex-wife who has a heart of stone!! I always like to say she's like the last standing Leave It to Beaver-ish homemaker, the only one who somehow missed The Feminine Mystique memo. And she's hella bitter about it. She's the mom to three kids, Sally, Bobby, and Gene, and she tortured Sally hardcore last season. When we last saw her at the end of season 4, she was remarried to politician Henry Francis, moving away from the house she once shared with Don, and miserable (what's new?), but flirting with Don when he dropped by.

That said, a few ideas for the writers if they want to incorporate January's pregnancy into the plot ...

  • The straightforward play: Betty thought she'd try to fix her already floundering marriage to Henry by having a "Band-Aid baby." (Hey, if anyone would try this, it would be Betty.)
  • The possible spin: In a sentimental moment, after one of Bobby's baseball games or something, Betty and Don have sex, and whoops -- she gets pregnant! Here comes Draper Baby #4!
  • The unlikely angle: Done with Don, and over Henry, Betty takes the train into town to have a gimlet at a ritzy hotel bar, where she meets a dashing businessman who she has random one-night-stand sex with, and wuh-oh! She's pregnant! (This plot could get an interesting twist if suddenly we learn that businessman is also Don's latest hire at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. A-ha!)
  • The totally unlikely write-in: Womanizer Roger Sterling finally scores with Draper's Barbie doll ex-wife! But uh-oh, crap, now he's gone and gotten both Joan and Betty pregnant. Whatta silver fox.

Who knows ... there's always the chance the writers just dress her in really flowy/hippie-ish mid-to-late '60s garb, and A-line mod dresses with a lot of wiggle room? (You know, kind of like what they did for SJP when she was pregnant playing Carrie on season 5 of SATC.) Or just shoot her from the neck up. (She spends the season yelling at Sally from behind a very high Formica countertop in their new house?) Guess we'll just have to wait 'til season 5 script spoilers start getting leaked to find out!

How do you think Mad Men's writers will handle January's pregnancy?


Image via AMC

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