'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona Is 'Pinot Polar'

Ramona Singer and Cindy BarshopThis week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City was dubbed “Ramona’d” by Bravo, but it would have been more appropriately titled “Blondes Who Need Muzzles.” Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer were like two little out-of-control yapping dogs biting at people all night.

The first part of the show was a blur because Sonja would not shut up, and I couldn't hear a lot of what was being said about invites and missed invites and the problem with Quogue. Especially when speaking with Cindy Barshop, she wouldn’t let her string more than two words together without interrupting her, usually with an insult. The woman has no filter and big lungs because she doesn’t pause for a breath as she rambles/mumbles.


One thing I was able to make out was that she’s “really well known” for breaking the ice between people. If you remember a few weeks ago, she also proclaimed herself to be “such a great gay icon.” Apparently her talents are known far and wide ... at least to her. Anyway, this week she was determined to do some ice breaking between Kelly Bensimon and Ramona via a surprise attack while Kelly’s kids were present. Brilliant ... not!

Cindy at least had the sense to warn Kelly and tell her not to bring her kids, which was a cool move on her part, but it’s totally going to come back and bite her in the ass because Kelly then confronted Sonja about it and told her in no uncertain terms that it wouldn’t be happening. Stay tuned for Sonja to freak out on Cindy for daring to step on her toes.

Just when it seemed Sonja was going to monopolize the episode with her bad behavior, in waltzed Ramona demanding Pinot Grigio here, insulting people there, and wearing one of the ugliest maroon-colored tracksuits I’ve ever seen.

At Cindy’s birthday party that wasn’t a birthday party in the very unfashionable town of Quogue (which Sonja wouldn’t stoop to enter), Ramona was out of control. LuAnn de Lesseps coined an awesome term for her behavior: “Pinot Polar.” She said when Ramona drinks, you never know what you’re going to get. Cindy and her party guests got Ramona the psycho drunk.

She tried to confront Kelly, but Kelly gracefully avoided the situation, even when Ramona found out about a brunch Kelly was having to which she wasn’t invited. Then she tried to ambush Cindy’s brother, Howie, with whom she’d previously had a conflict.

Ramona would not let it go. Screaming at him, “I need to have a conversation with you!” over and over and over ... Finally Cindy got tough with her and took her down a notch. All Ramona could do was show her shaking hand. So? And does anyone get why she’s even so upset about the whole cigar business in the first place?

I don’t know if Ramona has a drinking problem or not. There were certainly more than a few hints dropped tonight that she at least has a problem when she drinks. So the question becomes: Is Ramona's bad behavior just Ramona or the Pinot Grigio?

It's probably a little of both, but either way, a need for some moderation is evident.

Perhaps most shocking is that amidst all this craziness, Kelly Bensimon emerged as the sane one. She truly seems determined to avoid drama and embrace happiness. She really seems great, and good for her. Let’s hope it lasts.

Who did you think was more inappropriate on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York -- Sonja Morgan or Ramona Singer? Do you think Ramona has a drinking problem based on what you've seen?


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