Did '16 and Pregnant' Star Jennifer Get Pregnant on Purpose?

Getting pregnant at 16 is awful and sad and depressing. Getting pregnant at 16 on purpose so you can be on a reality television show about getting pregnant at 16 is insane and stupid. But reports are coming in that the girl featured on 16 and Pregnant this past week -- Jennifer Del Rio, for whom I felt enormous compassion -- got knocked up on purpose to appear on the show.

And if it's true, it kind of makes me want to scream.

16 and Pregnant star Josh Smith (the babies' father) is claiming that his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend got preggo on purpose in order to get on the show. This is after he filed a restraining order against Jennifer, alleging that she punched him in the face.

It may be true, it may not be.


Jennifer didn't strike me as being this stupid and fame-hungry, but if she did, it's one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

A baby is for life. And two babies are twice that! I bet she never planned for that little twin shock. If the show was doing what it says it does -- stopping girls from getting pregnant when they're still kids -- then stories like these wouldn't exist.

If one girl has a baby BECAUSE of the show just to get her 15 minutes of fame, then the show is actually doing a massive disservice to teens everywhere. Is it true? Is it not? There is no way to definitively prove it either way. But one thing is clear: If it's true, it's very, very messed up.

Do you think it's true?


Image via MTV

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