Pregnant 'Jersey Shore' Star: Will She Get a Spinoff Show?

The one thing you could say about Jersey Shore was that while they might embody everything that's wrong with American television, at least the inexplicably popular GTL-loving, bar-brawling, hot-tub-fluid-swapping cast members weren't reproducing.

Until now, that is. TMZ has confirmed that Jersey alum Angelina Pivarnick, the self-proclaimed "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island" (what does that even mean?), is pregnant.

There's been no comment from Pivarnick on who the father is, but it SEEMS like fianceé David Kovacs is probably involved, right? Or maybe not, since there have been plenty of rumors that his proposal was a publicity stunt, and that Pivarnick has been hooking up with some firefighter dude named Ivan, and—ugh.

Is it just me, or does this whole mess scream SPINOFF?


You've got the engagement that happened in front of rolling cameras at some fashion event, even though Pivarnick had recently been linked to a former Bachelorette contestant just a few months prior. You've got the famewhoring boyfriend/fianceé/whatever who's reportedly angling to become a reality star in his own right. And you've got Pivarnick, who not only released a rap single called, awesomely, "I'm Hot," but has also recently been embarking on a new career as a professional wrestler.

Also, this is the same chick who a few months ago said,

I might not be on [Jersey Shore] Season 3 but this won't stop me from doing me!!!..If everything goes right [I'm getting] my own show!!! I'm praying!

Yeah, I'm praying too. Praying MTV collapses under the weight of its own suck, that is. For the love, don't we have enough terrible reality shows already without Angelina: You Can Take the Girl Out of Jersey, But You Can't Take Jersey Out of the Girl (Because There's, Like, Jersey in My Uterus!).

What's your prediction? Will we be seeing a new baby-focused Jersey spinoff soon?

Image via MTV

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