Jennifer Lopez Launching 'Q'Viva!' to Fill Tragic Absence of Singing Talent Shows

It's the one question on everyone's mind these days: why aren't there more shows focused on discovering singing talent? Thankfully, someone has finally stepped up to address this inexplicable gap in reality television, and that person is Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez is teaming up with her husband, Skeletor Marc Anthony, and the entertainment company behind American Idol to create a live show celebrating Latin music, artistry, and dance. From villages to major cities, J.Lo and Anthony will travel the Americas in order to present, and I quote, the greatest celebrations of Latin culture that the world has ever seen.

The name of this insanely epic series that's surely destined to be spiritually revered among North, Central, and South America, if not the ENTIRE WORLD? Q’Viva! The Chosen.

Um. It sort of sounds like a Highlander move. Filmed in a burrito chain.


The show has been described as a Latin edition of Idol, which is unsurprising, given that it's backed by Simon Fuller. However, show director Jamie King says it's "completely different [than] anything you’ve seen before."

So I guess it'll actually be good?


The whole thing is being heavily sponsored by BlackBerry®, so I expect there will be lots of awkward merchandising tie-ins, sort of like the eternal Ford/Coke branding on Idol. Can't wait for the insipid commercials with contestants tongue-kissing their BlackBerrys, surreptitiously mouthing "KILL ME" to the camera.

It actually sounds like it might be legitimately unique in terms of talent—I mean, they won't be forcing these people to sing Elton John, will they?—but I'm not sure if I can handle an entire show featuring the freakish combination of J.Lo and Marc Anthony. I'm just saying, I'm pretty sure he's the one who stalks the human prey, while she drinks their blood to retain her youthful appearance.

What do you think of Q'Viva? Do you think you'll be tuning in?

Image via Flickr/Nancy Pelosi

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