'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Jennifer Breaks My Heart

It was the second episode of the new season of MTV's 16 and Pregnant, and after last week's hopeful episode, the sad tale of Jennifer, her fiance Josh, and their twin sons was enough to make the show unwatchable. Truly, this episode had all the horrors of last year's entire season packed into one hour -- angry, sullen fathers, furious parents, domestic violence, and one very sad (and sweet) 16-year-old caught in the middle.

Oh and of course, she had twins. Because how would we ever grasp the full effect of how depressing this is without two screaming babies needing attention from their ill-equipped parents?

The main drama of the episode centered around the parents and their relationship with baby daddy Josh. At first glance, it seemed they were in the wrong.


Their main issues seem to be around the last name -- their daughter wants to give the babies their dad's name. But they pretty much disapprove of Jennifer's entire relationship.

For the first half hour, I was lulled into thinking Josh was just a misunderstood dude who might be a stand-up father, which is a real rarity on this show. I felt bad for him when he proposed and Jennifer's parents acted like he had just beaten her about the head.

Well, it turns out I was duped. By the end of the episode, I was hoping the boy would just disappear. He was arrested after apparently assaulting Jennifer in the car. Then he kicked her out of the car and tried to take the babies away from her. And finally he called both Jennifer and her mother vulgar and inappropriate names.

All in a day's work for one of the repugnant baby daddies on these shows. And, of course, Jennifer and her family are stuck with this guy for life, like it or not.

Neither her parents nor Josh handled the situation well, to be sure. Her parents quibbling over some of the issues was just unfair. He has a right to be as involved with the babies as she is and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. That said, he has to assert his rights, which, judging from this episode, doesn't seem likely.

Unfortunately, Jennifer is being forced to grow up way too quickly. And of course, for some reason, of all the pregnancies in the world, the girl who least needed it ends up with two. This isn't a happy story, but she is lucky to have an involved family who will make sure she finishes high school.

Unfortunately, she is now also tied to Josh for the rest of her life.

Did this episode make you as sad as it made me?


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