'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Kiss & Tell & the Dress From Hell

Fernanda Rocha and Lynne CurtinThe past came back to haunt Tamra Barney in more ways than one on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. As if she didn't have enough drama with Gretchen Rossi, none other than Jeana Keough had to come strutting back onto the scene. Instant cattiness and snide remarks from both ensued as Tamra considers Jeana a spy for Simon, and probably rightfully so. 

The newly slimmed-down Jeana believes Tamra is "totally at fault" for the split with Simon, which as anyone who has watched the show can totally see is not true -- the guy was a controlling creep. So while I used to like Jeana, after seeing her interrogate Tamra and make her little comments tonight, I'm starting to believe what Tamra said:

Jeana looks great; she just has a nasty soul. Jeana has this way of acting like she cares about you so much, but I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her, and god knows that wouldn't be very far.


A little low with the weight comment, but the sentiment perhaps isn't totally unjustified. It will be interesting to see just how much more we see of Jeana this season.

More drama involving Tamra came in the final minutes of the show when Fernanda Rocha revealed that she and Tamra did kiss at one point last year. "A kiss happened," she blurted out in the gym as her current partner (who looks old enough to be her mother, no?) stood nearby. It happened in the bathroom at Tamra's birthday party, and it sounds like drunken fun to everyone except Fernanda, who called it a "connection" and said it wasn't a friendship kiss.

Tamra didn't talk about it tonight, but my guess is she's going to say it's another case of someone taking her too seriously -- a kiss, mace, whatever.

Fernanda's partner was pissed because it happened while they were dating. Lynne Curtin was also back tonight and being trained by Fernanda during this big bomb drop. She stood there looking more lost than ever as Fernanda and her partner had it out with one another, and Fernanda eventually stormed off. Somebody should check, because Lynne could still be standing there wondering what to do.

Finally, can we please call this ridiculous mace incident over already? They have milked it for everything it's worth (which was nil to start with), yet even on tonight's episode, we had to see Alexis Bellino and Vicki Gunvalson hash it out once again. It was a joke, get over it. Why Tamra and Vicki have wasted such exorbitant amounts of time and energy defending themselves to Jesus Barbie is beyond ridiculous. And anyway, for someone who proclaims to do what Jesus would do, you'd think Alexis might be a little more inclined toward forgiveness.

Of course, Jesus also probably wouldn't have taken scissors to the dress his business partner had painstakingly made. If you didn't think Alexis was self-centered enough before that scene, she certainly sealed the deal there as her poor partner looked absolutely devastated as she watched her work being ruined and pleaded with her to stop. But Alexis was proud to show her who was boss. Note to Alexis: The dress was hideous with or without the sleeves.

Also, I just have to add: What the hell was Bravo thinking with all the close-ups of Peggy Tanous and her mega boobs? I'll just say that all the screen time they got was not to her advantage.

Which housewife from the past would you rather see more of on this season -- Jeana Keough or Lynne Curtin? What did you think of Alexis's dress?

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