David Cook Was an 'American Idol' Loser Last Night (VIDEO)

david cookThe adorable David Cook and his man beard took the stage of American Idol -- the results show -- with his equally scruffy band to play a soft rocking tune that was neither very soft or rocking. And the song was called "The Last Goodbye." Really David? Surely you must know that a musical genius by the name of Jeff Buckley (RIP) had a song called "Last Goodbye" back in 1994 off the album Grace. Or maybe you didn't because you were only 12 when that song came out.

And before you go thinking that this song is a tribute to his courageous brother, Adam, who sadly passed away from brain cancer in 2009, it's not. It's about a lady love who broke his man heart. It's full of sap and silliness. And I only heard the song once and know the lyrics. Sure sign of lameness. Check out the video and perhaps we can all sing along.  


"Wherever we are, we're miles apart, I know that we tried, but this is the last goodbye ...." followed by a bunch of whoa oh oooohs. Someone pass me the No-Doz. This performance was almost as lame and predictable as Scotty's karaoke renditions every week -- minus the weird mic hold and sideways glances, of course.

His drummer has an awesome hair 'do and bass player looks like he used to dig the band Korn -- come on boys. Rock harder. Give me more growl and gruff. Where's the soaring vocal? Where's the rockin' spirit that made us all love David Cook more than the cuddly David Archuleta? Clearly, Cook took a razor to his edge and not his face.

What did you think of Cook's performance?


Image via MommyMusings/Flickr

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