'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona Returns to the Runway

Ramona SingerAfter last season's disastrous modeling debut, tonight we saw Ramona Singer walk the runway once again on The Real Housewives of New York. If you recall (and if you saw it even once, you will always recall), last time she strutted her stuff, her eyes bugged so far out of her head, it looked as if they would pop right out of it.

Tonight she toned the eyes down a bit, but it's a good thing she's a savvy businesswoman, because modeling just isn't her gift. She looked great in the dress, but those eyes have a mind of their own. Good for her being brave enough to try again though and to be able to laugh at herself.


Next up in the I-wannabe-a-model movement was Alex McCord who's determined to bring home the bacon with her good looks. She actually has a model-esque look about her, but at the photo shoot we saw, her posing was far from even subpar. She was trying to imagine something about Swan Lake, but not the bad one, and I don't know what else, but her ensuing poses were anything but graceful.

Oh, and there was her hair. That hair!

Somewhere between a Brillo pad and what you would get if you stuck your finger in a light socket, her hair was big and frizzy and piled out to here ... and there. For a high fashion shoot, it was fine, but when she went straight to a big ceremony at which Ramona was being honored, it was definitely out of place.

The other housewives who showed up had fun making fun of it -- especially Sonja Morgan, who appeared drunk as seems to be the usual for her. Her behavior during Ramona's speech was incredibly rude -- too bad LuAnn de Lesseps wasn't there to make her mind her manners. The Countess, however, wasn't able to make it due to spending time with her children, which is what she always says when it comes to Ramona's events, as Ramona's daughter astutely pointed out. Kelly Bensimon wasn't there either, because she didn't want to be, and Ramona was not happy about that.

In the end, Ramona didn't puke and gave a lovely speech that was much better than her modeling.

In non-model-related matters, a couple of tonight's other most memorable minutes:

  • The birthday party Simon threw for Alex on Governor's Island at which everyone was freezing and miserable. Alex spilled an entire glass of champagne on one of her sons.
  • The spa day during which LuAnn could barely talk about pubic hair, then ended up going completely bare. Sonja pointed out the risk of going bare down there via permanent means, since those fashions change as well.
  • Sonja's crazy hat she wore with yoga clothes during lunch with Alex. I'm not sure which was bigger or more mesmerizing -- that, or Alex's hair for the shoot.

Who do you think is the better model -- Ramona Singer or Alex McCord?

Image via bravotv.com

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