'16 & Pregnant' Jennifer Del Rio Accused of Punching Her Baby Daddy

Jennifer Del RioAnother day, another violent incident involving one of the teen moms of the reality show world. This time the alleged attacker is Jennifer Del Rio of 16 & Pregnant. She allegedly punched her boyfriend, Josh Smith, in the face yesterday when he tried to break up with her.

TMZ has pictures of him with his bloody nose (love that he took time to snap a pic!) and reports that he got a restraining order against Del Rio stating that she must stay 500 feet away from him at all times. Of course, the drama doesn't end there, and she has a whole different take on what happened. Of course!


She says he punched himself in the face, and then told police she did it. So she's filing her own restraining order against him and wants him charged with child endangerment. Aye, aye, aye, who to believe?

Smith doesn't seem to be the most upstanding dude; in fact, he seems like slime. Last month, Jennifer's father tried to get a restraining order against him for his daughter after Smith supposedly threatened to kidnap her children, then have her raped. I don't put punching himself in the nose past a guy that does that. Still, she wouldn't testify against him, charges were dropped, and they got back together. So it's not like she's without blame for all the drama either.

The whole thing just makes me sick. These are real lives, not scripts; there are real children suffering from these ridiculous shenanigans that seem de rigueur for teens on these shows.

I know being a teen mom has got to be tough, and there's a certain personality that would choose to go on a show like this, but really, do they all have to be embroiled in violence? Does MTV encourage them to wail at will for the free publicity the headlines bring? Or do they do it because that's what the rest of them do? It's ridiculous and most of all extremely sad to think of those poor babies who are in the homes while all this is going on.

Are you surprised to hear another 16 & Pregnant mom is up on domestic violence charges?

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