'Real Housewives' to Start Filming in Methsville, USA?

real housewives of scottsdaleHo ho ho! We've got a live one. I think we all love the Real Housewives franchise. Sure, we each have a favorite season (Beverly Hills); sure, we each hate certain cast members with an unfounded fiery passion (Caroline Manzo, Jill Zarin) but at the end of the day, I'm always thankful that Andy Cohen has brought each and every crazed housewife into my life.

Now. I know he's said before that Miami was the final city they were introducing into the series, but guess where Bravo cameras were spotted. Guess. Guess! Prepare to meet the Real Housewives ... of Scottsdale, Arizona.


What is Andy doing to us, playing with our hearts like this? The rumors say that this Thursday, Bravo camera crews will follow some "prominent" Scottsdale ladies as they attend the opening of Drybar, which will kick off the season of filming.

Nothing's been confirmed regarding who the ladies are, but a little birdy told Perez Hilton that Alejandra Nash, soon to be ex-wife of NBA all-star Steve Nash, is one of the women. There's certainly enough drama around Ale and Steve ... she cheated on him, got pregnant, told him the baby was his, had the baby, turns out it wasn't his, and now they're in the process of a nasty divorce.


I've been to Scottsdale a handful of times and have a good impression of the city in terms of Housewives criteria ... there's a lot of wealth, a splash of class, and some serious meth addicts. I'm serious! One of my take-aways from my visits was the proliferation of billboards in the city promoting ways to get help if you or a loved one is addicted to crystal meth.

Andy, you've done it again, old man.

If there's a RHOS, will you watch?

Photo via Show Appeal Realty/Flickr

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