'16 and Pregnant': Jordan Is the Real Deal

The third season of 16 and Pregnant premiered just a week after Teen Mom 2 ended, and we're already seeing signs of the future of the Teen Mom franchise with the beautiful and somewhat unique twins, Jessica and Jordan, featured in this episode. 

The third season started on a much more positive note -- a happy relationship, generally stable home life, supportive family, talk of college, and even some natural parenting made the whole thing much more palatable than the usual array of hot messes we get in these early episodes.

It looks like more of the old debauchery is in store for future episodes, but Jordan was definitely one of the better teen moms the show has featured.


First, the show really focused in on how relationships change after a baby comes along. In Jordan's life, there are two equally important relationships -- the one she has with "baby daddy" Brian and the one she has with her twin sister Jessie. The latter relationship is very damaged by the pregnancy and the boyfriend moving in and taking up space.

We see Jessie really struggling to come to grips with the fact that her best friend and sister -- the girl who has been her confidant and modeling partner and hair-braider -- is now starting a life that is very different with a boy she isn't as close to. It's a lot to take in and one of the first times this show has shown just how many lives these pregnancies really do touch.

The relationship between Jordan and Brian seems very strong, which in Teen Mom land is like finding a needle in a haystack. Kudos to them for making it work. They may not stay together forever, but I got the sense that Brian will at least be a decent, loving dad, which on this show is rare, indeed.

This episode also tackled breastfeeding and the struggle that it can be for a new mom. It was refreshing to see some of these issues that moms face all the time actually be shown on TV for once instead of always focusing on the melodrama. Sometimes the day-to-day of being a new mom is more overwhelming than anything else.

Jordan has a host of pressures other girls haven't had. Her sister is intense and their relationship is as well. Jessie spent a lot of the episode crying and pouting because things were changing. But you know? That's life. That is what real pregnancy is, and the more people act like that, the more they are invested in your life and will help. Jessie did come around and help take care of baby Noah quite a bit, and that is easily the biggest perk of having a twin.

The new season is off to a very strong start!

What did you think of this episode?


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