'Glee' Recap: Being Neglected Isn't So Amazeballs

mercedes gleeNext week's 90-minute episode of Glee featuring "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga cannot come soon enough. Because after several weeks of waiting for new episodes, last night's was a bit of a letdown! I'd guess its main purpose was to wrap up certain plot lines.

The overarching issue: The Glee Club and The Brainiacs (an academic team that includes Mike, Tina, Artie, and ... Brittany, who knows a lot about cat diseases for some reason) had to raise funds for their upcoming competitions: The Gleesters for Nationals and The Brainiacs to finish out their championship season in Detroit. They were short the dough, because the extracurricular fund had been stolen by Sue (go figure). Will proposed the kids sell saltwater taffy, and as you can imagine, no one was enthusiastic about that idea ...


Meanwhile, Sue recruited Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby (aka Sergeant Handsome), former McKinley glee director Sandy Ryerson (The Pink Dagger), and Terri Schuester (aka The Honey Badger) to form the League of Doom Legion of Evil, a team with one purpose: Bring down the Glee Club. Although, of course, no one seemed as enthusiastic about their cause as Sue.

Later, we got to see Schue and Holly Holliday (aka Gwyneth Paltrow) share a night in with pizza. When Will told Holly he was planning to have the kids sell saltwater taffy, she encouraged him to scrap that horrible idea in lieu of a benefit concert called "A Night of Neglect," in which the Gleesters will only sing songs by "neglected artists." Because they themselves are feeling so underappreciated, of course. Will was over the moon for the idea, as were the kids.

We got to see a brief appearance by Sunshine Corazon (played by Charice), who apparently wanted to participate in the benefit concert just for kicks. She tells New Directions they should let her in on the action, because she has 600 Twitter followers who will come to the show. She then sang an incredible Celine Dion-esque version of "All By Myself," and although Rachel was skeptical, everyone else invited Sunshine onboard.

Out of the blue, Mercedes decided she's sick of playing second fiddle diva to Rachel, and got Lauren to be her manager so she could request diva-licious things only Mariah Carey could dream up ... like puppies to wipe her hands on prior to the benefit concert. (That was pretty amusing.)

 We also found out that Carl had left Emma (bye, John Stamos, *tear*). Emma is more OCD than ever and in shambles. Guess who seems more than willing to help her pick up the pieces? Will, of course. Holly spies the two eating lunch together in the teachers' lounge, and you know what's coming ...

Later, Kurt and Blaine, who are at the school to support the benefit concert, encounter homophobic football player Karofsky. Just as Blaine's about to brawl, Santana swooshes in and scares the bully off by telling him she has razor blades hidden in her hair, "all up in there." HILARIOUS. I love that girl!!

Back to Sue. In the spirit of organizing groups of haters this week, she formed a Heckler's Club to bring down New Directions' Night of Neglect, but Holly gave 'em a talking to. Loved how they highlighted the fact that getting into the habit of leaving nasty, anonymous comments on blogs and online bulletin boards leads to general insensitivity. Too true!!

We got most of the songs of the night packed into the tail end of the show, during the concert itself. I enjoyed Holly's cover of Adele's "Turning Tables" -- which was clearly directed at to Will. Mike did an awesome dance to "Bubble Toes" by Jack Johnson. And Mercedes agreed to stop being such a diva after a pep talk from her not-quite-a-nemesis Rachel, tying up the show with an "amazeballs" (Holly's word) rendition of Aretha's "Ain't No Way."

In the end, we witnessed the anticipated Will-Holly breakup. Holly claimed she's "deathly allergic to commitment" ... but she (and everyone else!) knows who Schue really belongs with. The kids made out alright, since Sandy aka The Pink Dagger loved Mercedes's performance of "Ain't No Way" so much that he funded the whole concert. Yippee!

Now, hopefully enough loose ends have been tied up that we can get on with the show -- a whole feature film's length show next week!

What was your favorite "Night of Neglect" performance?

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