Audrina Patridge Vs. Kim Kardashian: Whose Family Is Better?

Audrina PatridgeI had my doubts that Audrina Patridge could carry her own reality show, but after the premiere episode Sunday, I have to say that she and her colorful family pulled it off quite well. In fact, they pulled it off so well that Kim Kardashian and her clan may need to start shaking in their Louboutins, because there's a new reality family in town.

Mom Lynn has already been throwing around fighting words. She recently told In Touch: "I’ve watched the Kardashians and I can tell you our family will blow theirs away! I don’t mean that as an insult, but what you see is what you get with us. We’re 100 percent real.”


As much as I Iove all the KKs, I have to say, there are many reasons the Patridge family (not to be confused with The Partridge Family) may just be even more entertaining than the Kardashians. Here are six reasons why I think the Patridges may eventually outshine the Kardashians and someday have their own Silly Bandz and fraudulent credit cards too.

1. Mama Patridge is a live wire. Kris Jenner is just bossy, but Lynn is a drinking, cursing bomb waiting to go off. Check out this video of her mom ranting after Audrina was kicked off of DWTS.

2. Marky Patridge is a lot cuter than Rob Kardashian.

3. They're not shoving the BG5 Girls down our throat every chance they get.

4. It doesn't seem as scripted ... yet. Did you see her dad shove that cake in Audrina's face? That was the real deal.

5. No Scott Disick! Enough said.

6. There's at least a glimmer of hope we'll see Justin Bobby again. Love him or hate him, that guy made for good television.

Do you think Audrina Patridge and her family will give the Kardashians a run for their money?

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