It's Time for 'Real Housewives' Gretchen Rossi to Pay for Her Bad Behavior

gretchen rossiI used to be a Gretchen Rossi fan. The spirited blonde brought youth and a sense of humor to The Real Housewives of Orange County when she first showed up a few seasons ago, but it didn't take more than a few episodes for me to start to slowly despise Gretchen. Just as easily as I fell in love with her, I fell in loathe with her. I had wanted so much to think she was a perfect California girl, smiley, happy, in shape -- I was even willing for a bit to buy into the unlikelihood that she actually was in love with Jeff and wasn't a gold digger.

But over the past two seasons, Gretchen has revealed who she really is -- the jig is up, Rossi. She's being sued by one person for $100K, and another for $40K, and sounds like they're both legit cases. Lady Justice isn't distracted by Botox and boobs -- Rossi's goin' down.


Here's what I think about Gretchen. She's an ego-maniac who thinks that she can tell lies and make-believe because she's articulate. As if somehow if she sounds intelligent, she doesn't think we'll notice that she's vomiting untruths that are intended to put her in the most innocent, benevolent light. As if somehow if she stays calm, if she sits up straight, if she waits her turn to speak, we'll think that whatever she says is true. But whatever credibility she had was completely lost when she started dating Slade Smiley. I thought she was better than that.

So the lawsuits. Her slow-talking and poise won't get her out of these messes. Housewives, for some reason, are really familiar with not paying bills, incurred debts, or housing costs. I don't know how Bravo finds these women.

Gretchen owes so-called ex-boyfriend, Jay Photoglu, $40K in legal fees for a defamation lawsuit she brought against him. Gretchen, of course, denies denies, denies. On Twitter Tuesday, she said:

"That's a lie regarding the 40 grand and he was not my boyfriend as he claims."

Who cares if Jay was or wasn't ever her BF, but the 40 grand part is true. There's a court order that says she must pay the $40K within 14 days or incur a 10% interest rate. The order was issued on March 29. Oops.

Then there's a lawsuit against Gretchen and Slade, issued by former makeup line partner RonAnn Myers. She's suing for breach of oral contract, fraud/deceit, and fraudulent conspiracy. Myers wants over $100K in damages. The lawsuit is over 35 pages long, and after glancing over it, sounds like RonAnn's got a case. Am I judging solely on the fact that I believe Slade and Gretchen to be shady people who would totally screw over anyone given the chance? Yes, of course.

While I want comeuppance for Gretchen, all these fees make me nervous. I doubt she's pulling in any money from her "handbag" line or makeup line, so I would guess that her main source of income is from the salary she gets from the RHOOC. So ... that means she'll be back on TV next season so she can make money. I'm tired of watching her -- she's starting to make me feel slimy every time I see her on the screen. It's a double-edged sword here.

What do you think of Gretchen?

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