'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Gretchen & 'Tubba Wubba' Fight

Gretchen Rossi and Slade SmileyPoor Gretchen Rossi -- all the men in her life are fat, and she can't handle it, as she repeatedly told us and them on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The "men" include her two dogs and her slick-haired boyfriend, Slade Smiley, who she nicknamed Tubba Wubba.

While he could certainly shed a few, and it's understandable to want your boyfriend to take care of himself, Gretchen doesn't know when to let it go. She kept getting in snide comments about his weight, told him how much he should weigh, and basically badgered him about his weight publicly, privately, and any which way she could. As slimy as I find Slade, it was hard not to feel a little bit sorry for him. The fact that he said he didn't have time to work out anymore was kind of laughable, though, seeing as he doesn't have a job or anything.


Anyhoo, after he was finally fed up with the fat talk, Slade showed a hint of a backbone and called Gretchen out for calling him Tubba Wubba in front of other people. Gretchen seemed shocked that he would take offense to such a sweet name, and ended up getting mad at Slade for even bringing it up.

"Are you mad because I'm right?" she asked, proving again that she doesn't know when to let it go. The scene ended with Slade jogging home and Gretchen storming off with her fat dogs. Run Slade, run.

Speaking of people who should run far and fast from their mate, there's sweet Donn Gunvalson. Vicki is a crazy workaholic, and uses exactly zero voice inflections anytime she's talking to him. It's creepy and like she's trying to bore him away so he won't get in the way of her work -- the only thing she has any time for. She didn't even know how old he, her husband, was. Poor Donn needs a good, normal woman. Jeana Keough (who's shown in upcoming previews) perhaps? 

Another housewife with an MIA sense of humor is Alexis Bellino, who was oh-so-appropriately dubbed "Jesus Barbie" by Tamra Barney. Tamra went to Alexis's house (which may or may not be in foreclosure) to discuss the infamous mace incident that won't die in person rather than via the texts that had been flying.

Alexis refused to see the humor in Tamra whipping out mace at the end of Alexis's party, which she pointed out again was SO expensive (tacky much?). The mace was clearly a joke, but Alexis chastised Tamra, told her it wasn't funny, and said she should have made a joke about a Perrier bottle or something like that instead (WTF?!). Tamra tired to reason with her, but in the end, astutely concluded that "you can't argue with stupid." Maybe she could get that bedazzled on a hat?

One final thought: Is it me or are all the housewives being paid by the low-carb diet industry to plant seeds of carb hatred in viewers' minds? At least once (or 3 billion times) during each show this season, someone has mentioned how they eschew carbs. Coincidence, or the secret to avoid becoming a Tubba Wubba too?

Did you think Gretchen was out of line calling Slade "Tubba Wubba"? Do you think Alexis is overreacting about the mace incident?

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