'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: It's All About Sonja

Sonja Morgan and Alex McCordIn the early days of The Real Housewives of New York, Alex McCord and her husband, Simon van Kempen, straight up made my skin crawl with their social climbing ways. Tonight, however, I felt myself wanting to hug and forgive them after they weathered a pelting of extreme mean girl hits led by the self-important leader of the nasty pack -- Sonja Morgan.

Apparently my housewives' character judgment is a bit off, because until tonight, I thought Sonja was one cool, free-lovin' chick. Turns out she is IF everything is ALL about her ALL of the time. When it's not, she freaks out and tries to take out anyone in the path of her spotlight, which tonight happened to be Alex. And is it just me, or does Sonja seem kind of wasted all the time too?


The let's-bash-Alex movement started when the girls were getting ready for the big Marriage Equality Walk. Alex and Simon had been working on the event for months, but somewhere along the way, Sonja was asked to be the grand marshal. She took great delight in her newfound power and expected the rest of the housewives to fall about her feet since she is "such a great gay icon." She told the other women before the event:

Guys, I invited you here today because I am speaking. I am the grand marshal, and I need your support. It’s a big day for me. It’s really important.

Then she said the same thing or a variation of it about a bazillion times.

Lest anyone try to bask in her spotlight, Sonja got Simon booted from speaking at the event and insisted that she be the only one from RHWONY to speak. When Alex and Simon confronted her and asked if she would just give the okay to organizers for Simon to say a few words, she refused. Actually, not only did she refuse, but she tried to turn the whole thing around on Alex and make it look like she was the spotlight-hungry one

When Sonja finally got her moment, she bombed it big time (karma?). She offered a few lackluster words that landed with a big fat flop in the crowd, and she seemed to have no idea what the day was really about.

The worst part was seeing all the other housewives under Sonja's mean-girl spell taking their own turn at bashing Alex as well. LuAnn de Lesseps was one of the biggest offenders, and took any chance she could to slam Alex. "She found her voice, now she needs to be quiet," LuAnn told Sonja over lunch. She also explained that:

No matter how you try to climb up that social ladder, once you get to the top, you have to be comfortable with who you are, and she [Alex] is not that person.

And you are, LuAnn? Even Ramona, who appears to be Alex's friend, kind of threw her under the bus and sided with Sonja. So pretty much it's Alex vs. the rest of the housewives now? At least she has Simon I guess ... though did he just out himself as gay after the march? I'm not quite clear.

Things got even worse at Sonja's art party to unveil a picture of, what else, but her, painted by HER boyfriend, Brian Farrell. When Alex arrived, Sonja immediately attacked her and then proceeded to berate her and her "bad manners."

I adore you, we had an amazing time in St. John ... water off a duck’s back, but I don’t ever want to have Simon -- is that his name? -- in my ear again, in a sparkly jacket. That was horrible.

Alex shot back:

Actually what was horrible was you hijacking the entire event and making it about you and not marriage equality.

Touche! In the end, Alex tried to get her points across, but Sonja was having none of it (and seemingly having too much booze). She kicked Alex and her S&M-wearing ass out of her house, then she unveiled the picture of herself, gushed over herself, and forgot to give even the smallest nod to the artist, her boyfriend. But, never mind, he'll get a little somethin' later. This was all about Sonja.

Did you think Sonja Morgan was the ultimate mean girl on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New York? Or do you think Alex is getting what she deserves?


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