'The Killing' Recap: Rosie's Creepy Snuff Film

I have two nitpicks about AMC's The Killing so far, and one has to do with the weather. Oh, that pervasive gloom and eternal downpour—it's like an additional character in the show, so effectively does it communicate the dread and grief running through each episode. The Killing's rainfall almost seems to have its own dialogue, weaving soggy droplets between the restrained Detective Linden's many silent glances.

It's just, what's up with all the thunder, AMC? As a Seattle resident who knows exactly how rarely we get thunderstorms, I object. Plus, our rain is often more like a gray drizzle than the sort of flood-triggering deluge depicted on the show. (Also, Grey's Anatomy? We say "ferry." NOT "FERRY BOAT.")

(Pedantic TV viewing, it's what's for dinner!)


Anyway! In this third episode, we learn a bit more about the nastiness that goes down in the school basement "cage," which includes a school janitor with a history of watching the action through a peephole. But why was Rosie there? What happened to her? Was that her blood smeared all over the walls?

A myriad of suspects swirl tantalizingly within reach. There's Kris Eckles, a jerky dropout on a skateboard who the janitor pointed out as "El Diablo," on account of the freaky devil mask he was wearing. There's Jasper, Rosie's stupendously skeezy ex-boyfriend with the asshole father who I have my suspicions about.

And eventually a cellphone video emerges that shows both Eckles AND Jasper with Rosie that night in the cage, and they're appearing to ... well, what exactly IS going on in that video? Is it rape? Is it consensual? All I know is that it's spooky and druggy and awful, a parent's worst nightmare.

Meanwhile, there's a heart-crushing amount of suffering going on at the Larsens' house, including a scene of Rosie's mother submerging herself in the bathtub in order to try and experience what it felt like for Rosie as she drowned. Linden had lied to the parents, saying Rosie was unconscious when she died, but it seems Rosie's mother guessed otherwise. (She was, after all, the one who noticed how torn up Rosie's fingernails were.)

Over in the Darren Richmond storyline side of things, campaign aide Jamie is accused of being the leak, which he denies. I've disliked this weaselly character from the beginning, but for some reason, I believe him. I suspect he's been set up. But why? And by who? Was it Gwen, Richmond's campaign advisor who Richmond is also making sweet political love to? Was it someone in the current mayor's office? Questions, questions.

Questions are all we really have for The Killing, three episodes in. Which leads me to my second nitpick: are we really supposed to believe that Detective Holder, AKA The White Snoop Dogg, is supposed to be such a ladykiller? All the little teen girls are drawn to him like moths to a flame, and I just don't get it. Is it the mosslike facial hair? The narc-friendly wacky tobaccy? Maybe it's the moody, rumbling THUNDER that accompanies him wherever he goes.

What did you think of this week's episode of The Killing? Do you have any theories about the murderer yet?

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