'Khloe and Lamar' Premiere Recap: A Barf-Inducing Start

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar OdomDamn those Kardashians. As much as I want to bash the fame-hungry family with the best of them, they suck me in every time, and I end up liking them more than ever. Khloe & Lamar premiered last night, and instead of feeling like Kardashian overload already, it may be the best of the series yet.

Lamar Odom is goofy, sweet, and extremely likable -- the exact opposite of Kourtney's husband baby daddy, Scott Disick (take note of what a good man is like, Kourt). Together Odom and Khloe are gushingly goopy syrupy at times, but for some reason, it's not irritating ... at least not yet. Maybe over time it will be, but for now, it's just great to see Khloe so happy and comfortable in her skin.

As Rihanna tweeted after the show: "@KhloeKardashian crazy, just watched ur show in the studio! Yall make me wanna #BARF... or at least find a man!!! 2 cute for words. Rah Rah [sic]."

I agree, but barf in the best possible sense of the word.


But it wasn't all cuddles and kisses; it got unexpectedly serious too right off the bat. Most of the episode revolved around Lamar's father, Joe Odom. Lamar has supported his father -- who has addiction issues -- financially for years by giving him an allowance and paying his rent, but has little personal contact with him. Khloe had never met him, until he showed up out of the blue at her book signing event.

He asked her to try and get him tickets to see Lamar play in a game. Regretting the loss of her own father, Khloe thought Lamar and his father should work on their relationship. Lamar understandably got irritated when he learned of Khloe's promise to provide the tickets to his father.

It wasn't until Khloe heard a conversation between Joe and Lamar that she realized just how dysfunctional Joe is, how deep his addictions are, and how little hope there is of having a good old-fashioned father-son relationship.

"I'm not asking him to be my father, I'm just asking him to act like he is my father," Lamar explained to her.

Perhaps in time things will change, but for now, at least Khloe and Lamar have each other and, of course, the big old Kardashian clan. And we all have another reason to get more drawn into the web of this bizarrely beguiling family.

Did you watch Khloe and Lamar? What did you think?

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