'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: A Bizarre Boob Job

Peggy TanousSure there was Vicki Gunvalson's doomed marriage, and Gretchen Rossi's sweet anniversary surprise for her parents, and Tamra Barney's spicy Spanish vacay with Eddie, but I just can't get past the boobs on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Boob jobs are always interesting, but that of new housewife Peggy Tanous was nothing short of fascinating.

There is, of course, the fact that Tanous is loud and proud about her completely natural, no medicine, holistic lifestyle ... except when it comes to getting fake material put under her skin. But, you know, breasts are a "big accessory" in Orange County so there are exceptions to be made. There's also the fact that the new boobs will help Tanous get over the postpartum depression she's been suffering from for three years -- her words not mine. Wonder if doctors will start prescribing boobs to women in need?


So fine, everyone has their reasons for getting theirs, but not everyone gets ginormous diamond earrings in the recovery room like Peggy did from her husband, Micah. Now, I've heard of push presents and baby baubles, but boobie baubles? Wonder what's an appropriate gift after a face-lift? Note to Micah: Your cheesy presentation will go over better next time if you let her wake up first.

Then came casserole-toting Alexis Bellino, spouting snark along the way -- to the cameras anyway. Alexis, if you recall, sports her own mega boob job riddled with contradiction, so she's an expert and waxed all nostalgic about remembering her own days in recovery -- awww. She even knows how to do the "new boob hug." (Learn it, use it.)

Upon seeing Peggy's new boobs, Alexis made it known (again just behind Peggy's back) that hers were much better, which means bigger in her mind. "When I saw them, I thought immediately she should have gone to my doctor," she said. "Because, because ... just because. I can't be graphic." She sure can be bitchy, though.

But it was really nice of Alexis to bring her food and to refrain from bringing her young son who really wanted to see Peggy's new boobies. How cute? I know it's Orange County, but really, you tell your toddler about a friend's boob job?

Speaking of boobs, when is Slade going to cut that mangy mop of hair of his? It's really just not working ... at all. As is the case for Vicki and Donn's marriage -- just not working. I hope it's editing that makes Vicki look as mean as she seems to him, but I have my doubts. Why he's stayed with her this long is beyond me. Maybe he likes to be spanked too?

Were you as baffled by the events surrounding Peggy's boob job as I was? Can you believe Vicki spanked her employee?

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