Eva Longoria Suffers Tragic Wardrobe Malfunction

Why, god, why? Why do bad things have to happen to good people? Hasn't Eva Longoria suffered enough, what with that humiliating business of her husband Tony Parker turning out to be a cheating skeezebucket and all?

Now, in addition to the burden of recovering from a public divorce, Longoria has a brand new personal tragedy to contend with. It happened to the Desperate Housewives star last night during her interview with David Letterman on The Late Show, and I ... well, I have to warn you. The video footage is difficult to watch.

It's the sort of thing you just never imagine happening to such a bright, attractive celebrity. The worst part about the whole debacle is that there was literally nothing she could have done to prevent it.


Despite being perfectly appropriately dressed in a form-fitting tuxedo jacket with nothing underneath—who among us HASN'T sported a similar fashion choice?—Longoria experienced a terrifying wardrobe malfunction while she was promoting her cookbook, Eva's Kitchen. It's unclear what led to the problem, but sources say it may have happened when the full weight of David Letterman's eyeballs rested directly on her breasts.

Somehow, her suit jacket came open and her nipple briefly emerged.

No one was injured, but the shocking moment of nip slip left viewers gasping and sweaty, wondering who was to blame for the accident—which, as you can surely imagine, could easily have caused much more damage. Jesus, if the cameras had caught sight of an areola ... I don't even want to think about it.

Here's the moment captured on film, if you can stand to watch it:

Luckily, a fundraising event for Longoria is rumored to be in the works, in order to raise money for the impoverished star to purchase more clothing.

We can only pray that more charities will emerge in the coming days to help this innocent victim, and prevent similar tragic events from unfolding on television.

Image via Flickr/MrAzed

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