Sneak Peek of 'Born This Way' on 'Glee' (VIDEO)

glee lady gagaReady to be even more psyched for Glee to come back on April 19? Two things many of us can't get enough of are coming together to become a match made in pop culture heaven ... all over again: Glee and Lady Gaga! Looks like the show's "Born This Way"-themed episode will air on April 26.

And now there's an actual preview of the New Directions' version of the song! It's only a few seconds long, but hey, with Glee off the air until mid-month and this episode not airing for a few weeks, I'll take what I can get right now. And what we can see at this point is still really fun ... and promising.


Not ONLY do we get to hear a few seconds of the New Directions' version of "Born This Way," which sounds totally amazing, but it also looks like they're not going to do what they did when they covered "Bad Romance" last season and don some of Gaga's craziest ensembles ...

There are no prosthetic bumps in sight (at least not in this preview) or egg yolk dresses. Nope, it looks like they went for '80s-ish white T-shirts that look like they say things like, "I'm With Stoopid" (Brittany) and "Trouty Mouth" (Sam). Obviously, the tees have something to do with the Glee kids embracing their labels. I think the fashionista Mother Monster herself would be proud.

Rumor is the plot centers around the kids grappling with self-acceptance and their body image issues. Lauren will challenge every high school's beauty standards by running for prom queen, and Rachel Berry, oh -- poor sweetie, what the heck? She's going to consider getting a nose job. How much you wanna bet she decides against it, because she was "Born This Way" ... and also, so was her idol Barbra Streisand? Hello, gorgeous!

Apparently, even though it's centered around "Born This Way," the episode won't be totally Gaga-ified. Boo. I have a feeling there may be just one or two other Gaga hits performed in the 90-minute run time, max. Last season's tribute to her was great, but I wished they could have done even more then. So they'll really have to kick it up a notch or two with the plot and other hit songs to make up for it.

Who am I kidding ... I'll enjoy it no matter what.

Here's the clip of the preview.

Are you psyched for the "Born This Way" episode? What do you foresee happening?

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