Audrina Patridge: Can She Really Carry Her Own Show?

Audrina PatridgeWhen it came to The Hills, Audrina Patridge was the perfect sidekick. Her wide doe eyes always staring innocently up at something (what?) and crying over Justin Bobby or whatever guy was currently ruining her life provided a softer side alongside the insanity of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. She was great in small doses, but now she's gone and gotten her own new reality show, Audrina, which premieres next month. Can we really handle an entire show about her?

It's set to premiere on VH1 April 17, and I'm not sure. It's said to involve her family as they try to keep her sane in the crazy Hollywood game. As VH1 exec Jeff Olde described the show:

Ultimately, this is the story of a young woman with dreams, goals and ambitions all put through the no-BS filter of her family. We love that.

But will we love it? The Hills is a pretty tough act to follow (and I'm being completely serious -- I'm still mourning its end).


She has a hot bod for sure. She's always prancing around in itty bitty bikinis showing off her amazing abs, but that alone does not a show make -- it just makes me jealous.

There is the fact that she's secretly a rocket scientist. What, you didn't know that? Yes, there's actually more than air in that pretty head of hers ... or at least she pretended there was for a pretty funny Funny or Die video in which she talked about her science side.

"I've always loved science growing up," she says in the video. "It just never really came up on 'The Hills.'"

At least she can poke fun at herself, so that gives some hope for the show. Also starring on the show according toVH1 will be her "tell-it-like-it-is" mom Lynn and "peacemaking" dad Mark plus her three younger siblings:

Former wild child Casey, now married to motocross star Kyle Loza and mother of two; genial younger brother and life of the party, Marky, who has recently become Audrina's new roommate; and 16-year-old sister Samantha, who is managing the perils of high school and always seeking advice from her loving big sister.

Sounds a little Kardashian-ish, no? Who would have ever thought Kim Kardashian could carry a whole show and everything else she and her uber entrepreneurial family have carried? Yet somehow that works. So perhaps there's a shot for Audrina after all.

Will you watch Audrina? Do you think she can carry a whole show?

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