'American Idol' Recap: Bye Bye Naima!

Last night on American Idol, we got it half right. Half is better than nothing, of course, but I think we could've done better, Idol fans. But really, I can't complain too much -- praise the high heavens that Naima was sent home. I'm not even going to try and hide how happy I am. Her performances were an assault on the senses with the noise she called music, the art projects she called outfits, and the mop wagging she called hair flips. I didn't know how much more of that I could take, so thankfully she's packed up her patchouli oil and is headed back to Jamaica. No? Oh. She's headed back to Milwaukee.

But Thia? Not our Thia!


Naima, Thia, and Paul were in the bottom three. We can deduce that had there been a bottom four that shark-eyed Stefano would have been sitting on those stools. And did you catch the part where Ryan told Casey that he would have been proud to know how many votes he got? A ha!

Not to brag or anything, but I saw that coming, which is why I put Paul in the bottom four. I knew that Paul and Casey fans would all vote to make sure Casey was safe, leaving Paul and his whispers to the bottom of the barrel.

It's really too bad that Thia was voted off. She didn't even get a chance to sing Adele! Should've been Stefano and Naima. I can understand why Thia didn't get enough votes, but I'm still kinda sad to see her go. Although I literally dozed off during her song last night, I really like her voice and would've liked to have heard more from her.

Do you think Thia will come back next year as some sexy, sassy, 16-year-old with something to prove? Well, I guess we should wait to see if there's even going to be an Idol next year -- after Steven's see-through nude illusion top last night, I could understand why they'd cancel it.

What did you think of the results? Which two did you want to see go?

Photo via americanidol.com

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