'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Peggy Tanous Gets Real About Postpartum Depression

Peggy TanousAdmittedly it's difficult to evoke sympathy for a woman whose "push present" was a Bentley when she talks about the challenges of motherhood, but on The Real Housewives of Orange County this week, new housewife Peggy Tanous provided a real and heart-wrenching look at life with postpartum depression. She also offered an important reminder of how much pain can lie behind lives that appear all pretty and shimmery, and that postpartum depression knows no boundaries in its victim selection.

While doing an interview for a documentary, she gave an emotionally raw account of her battle with the disease for the last three years. It started after the birth of her first daughter, London. She said when they first brought her daughter to her in the hospital, she felt "frozen." 


She told how she didn't want to get out of bed, and of how she thought of throwing herself down the stairs when she was pregnant with her second daughter because she didn't think she could be a mother to two children. She also admitted she had thought about killing herself.

Eventually her family held an intervention and she sought help. She said she's almost 100 percent better now, but tonight's episode painted a different picture. She's very much against prescription medication and has approached the depression with holistic treatments. I understand and support that approach IF it's working, but tonight it didn't appear to be the case.

She and her husband, Micah, took the girls to a resort in Palm Springs. She was nervous going into it, saying she still had bad days from time to time. Within minutes of them hitting the pool, there was blood. Her youngest daughter Capri cut her finger on a sign, and Peggy was frantic. She spiraled around trying to figure out what cut her, called for a first aid kit, and insisted her husband rush Capri to the doctor. Meanwhile, little Capri didn't shed one tear or appear fazed at all. The doctor took one look at the tiny cut and dismissed them.

Many moms get nervous at the sight of blood, but Peggy's panic was palpable and clearly an overreaction to a small problem. Of course, it was just one glimpse into her life on a TV show, so certainly judgment can't be made, but based on what we were shown, it seems she still needs help of some kind that she's not getting.

In any case, kudos to Bravo for using the show to shed light on such a serious problem and to Tanous for putting herself out there like that with such honesty. Other women need to know they're not alone, and they need to know what to look for in their friends and family in order to help them. So for her bravery, I applaud her. Not that the usual cat-fighting drama isn't great, but seeing housewives actually get REAL for once is nice too.

Were you pleased to see Peggy Tanous take on such a serious subject on The Real Housewives of Orange County this week? If you have suffered from postpartum depression, did you find her relatable?

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