Brutal Jenelle Evans Fight: Time to Pull 'Teen Mom' Off the Air?

You know, I guess I can understand the argument that Teen Mom shows the tough reality of teenagers having babies. It certainly doesn't glamorize pregnancy or young motherhood, and I can't imagine that any high school girl ends up deciding to throw away the condoms as a result of watching the show.

However, I don't know what kind of message it sends when MTV continues to take immature teens struggling with parenthood and turn them into reality stars. Because the thing is, it's clearly not doing them any good.

Jenelle Evans is yet another Teen Mom "star" who's making headlines for her criminal behavior this week. Like her Teen Mom alum, Amber Portwood, Evans has been caught on tape in a physical altercation—and it's not even the first time.


Evans is known for engaging in screaming battles with her mother on the show, even going so far as to assault her mom while MTV cameras rolled. While she voluntarily gave custody of her son Jace to her mother, Evans insists that once she has a job for a few months, she plans to take her mom to court to get Jace back.

Not that she's even remotely on the right track for doing so. She was charged with breaking and entering and drug possession earlier this year, and now a video has been released of Evans savagely attacking another girl as her friends egg her on.

The video is available on TMZ, but I'll warn you, it's pretty nasty. At one point it seems like the other teenager can no longer defend herself, but Evans continues to beat her bloody.

Not all the Teen Mom stars are getting into trouble, but the incidents are certainly adding up. There have been arrests for felony domestic violence, pot possession, breaking into houses, child neglect; adult mothers of the stars arrested for abusing their daughters….and meanwhile, ratings for the show continue to climb.

Everyone wants to know what outrageous thing these kids will do next. Meanwhile, they have babies to raise.

It just seems sad to shove these girls into the limelight and wait to see how they'll deal with sudden fame. It seems obvious that for some, it's the last thing they need.

What are your thoughts about the troubled Teen Mom stars? Do you think their lives would be any better (or worse) if they weren't on the show?

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