'American Idol' Recap: In Which J. Lo Resurrects the Dead

casey abramsLast night's American Idol elimination show was a doozy. I laughed, I cried, I sang along to some pretty kicking Motown. When Stevie Wonder came out, I thought I was the most surprised person until I saw Steven Tyler's face. He loved it! And that "Happy Birthday" song for Steven was cute, too. Jennifer Hudson performed as well, and not only did she look skinny, but her voice sounded thin, too. Didn't have much soul. Then there was Sugarland who made me embarrassed to be a country music fan. That song, with the reggae rap? Disgusting.

The group number wasn't half bad, though. I think we're starting to find our stride on Idol. But then, just when you think you have it all figured out, nodding your head when they tell Thia and Stefano they're in the bottom three (I called that), your Idol world is rocked when you find out Casey's also in danger of going home.


What?! I said I said I said I said a what now? How could Casey be in the bottom three and not Haley or Naima? This just didn't seem right. Even Haley and Naima would admit it -- they had looks of shock and awe on their faces when Ryan told them they were the ones who were safe, and Casey was the one in jeopardy.

And then the unthinkable happened. Casey and Stefano sat there like fat ducks in a pond, hoping the other one gets shot and eaten, then BOOM, Casey goes down. Ryan dragged him by his neck through the tall reeds and wet marsh, handed him a soggy mic, and said, "Sing for your life, poor little wounded duck." Casey's parents, whom we all love, were in tears. I was in tears.

Casey started his swan song and was giving it his all when Randy stopped the music. STOPPED the music. Did anyone else hope this was a live Idol moment we've been waiting for for 10 seasons? A colossal breakdown of some sort? Randy called off the band because of a mistake -- it wasn't their fault, it was ours. America had made a voting mistake. The music stopped, Casey stood motionless, and the judges announced they were going to use the one and only save they have in the competition. No! Way!

Casey couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it, his parents couldn't believe it, and Paul McDonald was crapping his pants. I bet Paul was kinda psyched when Casey got the boot seeing as they're both rockers with unique sounds, then kinda pissed when J. Lo resurrected Casey from the dead.

Our poor wounded duck gets another chance at life, and good grief was he thankful and humble. So endearing.

Now. Would I have used my save when there are still 10 more weeks to go in the contest? No way, no how. I'm glad the judges saved Casey, but I just hope they don't regret it when America votes him off again next week. That could be awkward.

Are you happy or mad that the judges used their save on Casey?

Photo via americanidol.com

PS -- Didn't you love it when Marc Anthony was making fun of J. Lo's critique? Me too.

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