'Good Morning America' to Chris Brown: Trash Our Studios Anytime!

Chris BrownAfter Chris Brown's violent outburst on the Good Morning America set yesterday, you would think he'd be facing charges, worrying about what they mean for the parole term he's still serving for beating Rihanna, and resigning himself to never appear on the show again. But you'd be wrong -- oh so wrong. Instead GMA has announced that not only will they not press charges, but they'd love to have the window-smasher back on their show.

On air this morning, Robin Roberts addressed the matter, saying, "I wish him the absolute best. We extended the invitation to him [to come back], and sure hope he takes us up on it because I’d sure love to have another chat with him."

Can you say enabling ratings-whores?


Who knows, maybe they'll even pay him for breaking the window. It's like Charlie Sheen all over again. The whole world reacts to his behavior with shock and horror, but wants a front row seat. So he's egged on, given air time, and then we say how could he when people really get hurt. He could and can because Good Morning America and other media outlets enable him all for the sake of ratings. Over and over celebrities get the message (and pass it on to the masses): Bad behavior is good for your career.

For Brown, he's now going to get a chance to go back, make a mea culpa and explain just how misunderstood he is. He'll still be allowed to boogie down on Dancing With the Stars, and the whole thing will just pump up sales for his new album, F.A.M.E., which he celebrated at a party last night. So everybody's WINNING, right?

Well, everyone except the person who says or does the wrong thing around Brown that sparks a violent rage the next time. And everyone in the wake of those who watches his behavior and justifies their own violence because of it.

The New York Police Department isn't even going to look into the incident, because if GMA isn't pressing charges, then there's no complaining party. Can I be the complaining party?!

What do you think of Good Morning America's reaction to Chris Brown's violent outburst?

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