'All My Children' Cancellation Rumors Make Me Cry (VIDEO)

all my children cancelled?Daytime TV will never be the same if the rumors are true -- ABC is thinking of canceling All My Children! I am freaking out here, folks. All My Children has been on the air for 41 years. It launched the careers of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Josh Duhamel, Kelly Ripa, and made Susan Lucci a household name.

But recent low ratings have put it in jeopardy, and no long-lost son or evil twin can save it from crashing over this cancellation cliff. Network head honchos have been vague in answers about the show's future. Could it happen? Could there really be no more Erica Kane on daytime TV? No more Pine Valley? No more Ryan and Greenlee? What's an All My Children megafan to do ... more importantly, what's Susan Lucci going to do?


I know, I know, the days of the soaps are gone. In 1970, there were 19 soap operas on the air. Now that number has dwindled to a measly 6 shows. In the past three years, fans have lost some of the longest running soaps -- Guiding Light, Passions, and As the World Turns. What's causing the death of the soap opera? Geez, everything from cable TV to the DVR to the iPad to everybody's favorite thing to blame: reality TV.

Why do I love All My Children? Not only do I get to live vicariously through these characters and their crazy, often totally unrealistic lives, the show helped me through my labor. Seriously, for over a week before I gave birth, I was up at night with labor pains. What did I watch? Reruns of All My Children and the rest of the ABC daytime line-up on SOAPnet. Even though I had seen them earlier that afternoon, I watched them again to keep my mind off of the pain. I don't see any game show doing that, thank you very much.

Sigh. This news, along with Oprah's impeding retirement from daytime TV, just may very well drive me to, oh, I don't know, read a book. Please be kind to those All My Children fans when the official news is announced -- we may break down, just like our beloved Erica in this classic clip from her mother's funeral.

Will you be upset if All My Children is canceled?


Image via ABC

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