Celebrate William Shatner Birthday, Annoy Your Friends (VIDEO)

DID. YOU. KNOW. That a mere ... a mere 80yearsagotoday ... ah ... ah ... FAMOUS MAN ... was. Born. Into. This. World?

No, not that King's Speech guy. I'm talking about William Shatner, whose eightieth(!) birthday is today. In honor of the man, the myth, the legend, today is the third annual International Talk Like William Shatner Day.

That means you can spend the day walking around with one hand outstretched, delivering Captain Kirk's best dramatic pauses and speech patterns. Oh, you're sure to delight all those around you, really.

(Perhaps a good fashion accessory would be a shirt with I AM NOT HAVING A STROKE on it.)


While Shatner will be forever known for his famous Star Trek role, he's gone on to become quite the pop culture icon. He's written some sci-fi books and become the pitch man for a number of products, including a series of commercials for the travel site Priceline. He's lent his famous voice to several awesomely bizarre spoken word musical albums, and once appeared on Conan O'Brien's show and hilariously recited Sarah Palin's resignation speech.

Shatner recently recorded a wake-up call played for the crew of STS-133 in the Space Shuttle Discovery on March 7, its final day docked to the International Space Station. Backed with Star Trek music, his voice was broadcast to the astronauts: "Space, the final frontier. These have been the voyages of the Space Shuttle Discovery ..."

This year, WilliamShatner.com hosted a contest for the best James T. impersonation, and the winner will be announced later Tuesday. Unfortunately, the cutoff for submission was last night, but take hope, Shatner fans—there’s ... ALWAYS ... nextyear.

Happy birthday, Mr. Shatner. Personally, I think your rendition of "Rocketman" is still one of the most enjoyable moments in television history:

Image via Flickr/Leepus

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