'Shark Tank' Return Makes Me Do the Happy Dance

shark tankThis mama loves her TV and one of my favorite shows has returned after being off the air for over a year  -- Shark Tank. The TV scheduling gods tried to make it a tough call on what to watch last night, with the Harry Potter marathon, March Madness (poor Syracuse), and Celebrity Apprentice all battling for my attention. But there was no contest. I invested my time in Shark Tank.

Part reality show, part game show, part business class, here's how the show works: entrepreneurs enter "The Shark Tank" and present their business ideas -- everything from products to inventions to business models -- to the Sharks, millionaires who are looking to invest.

It's fun to watch these Regular Joes (and Janes) explain why their product deserves to be out there in the marketplace, why their business ideas are going to make them -- and the Sharks -- millions. But the Sharks really make the show and, this season, we have two new Sharks!


Each Shark has a track record in building businesses and making fortunes through smart investments. The returning Sharks are: technology innovator and icon Robert Herjavec; the "Godfather of Urban Fashion" Daymond John (he started the FUBU clothing line); financial genius Kevin O’Leary; infomercial guru Kevin Harrington; and, the only female Shark, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran.

And who are the new Sharks? First, Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who is a bit of a wild guy, you never know what he's gonna do. And then they've added comic and TV host Jeff Foxworthy, which seems odd until you realize what he has done off-screen. With the whole "You Might Be a Redneck If" slogan and brand, he's built an empire of greeting cards and products (BBQ sauce anyone?), raking in millions of smackeroos.

Okay, so these Sharks may not all be household names, but they are what make the show so fabu. As they try to make a deal with the contestants, not only do the Sharks haggle and question the business newbies that have entered their realm (the Shark Tank), they also battle each other. These are savvy, keen business geniuses, and when they see a good idea, a good product, they fight each other for a piece of it. That's when Shark Tank really gets good, really good.

Kevin O'Leary is the "mean" Shark, the Simon Cowell of Shark Tank -- and he is my fave. His quips, his bluntness, his banter with the other Sharks (especially Robert) make each episode must-see TV. But I have to say, Mark Cuban was pretty hilarious to watch as well -- much better than the other Kevin, who was MIA from Shark Tank last night.

Added bonus: Shark Tank will air Fridays at 8 on ABC -- even more reason to look forward to the end of the week!

Will you watch Shark Tank?


Image via ABC

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