'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' Recap: Go Dale!

Kourtney & Kim Take New YorkWhen Kourtney & Kim Take New York became all about Scott Disick, I'm not sure, but it's getting annoying. Clearly the creators are trying hard to keep up the Scott Disick hate, which is working, but it's also creating a pretty crappy show. It's supposed to be about the Kardashians, not this loser. This week we saw him berate and abuse his new assistant, Dale.

Poor Dale should have known their union was doomed when Scott started trying to dictate what kind of socks and facial hair he should wear in Scott's presence. But he took the job and took to kissing Scott's ass for awhile. For some unknown reason, Men's Fitness asked Scott to pose for its cover, which, of course, went straight to his over-inflated head. While at the shoot, he publicly embarrassed and yelled at Dale. Really classy things like "stand down, Dale" and "you're worthless."


Even if it is all scripted, and they're real-life besties, you have to be pretty arrogant and fame whorish to agree to let yourself be portrayed as badly as Scott is. The man (and I use that term loosely) has no scruples.

Dale did the only thing anyone with an ounce of dignity could do and quit. Scott later tried to apologize, and just when you thought that neat Kardashian bow was going to tie things up and Dale would forgive and forget, he didn't. Instead he called Scott "an egotistical, pompous asshole." Truer words have never been spoken. Perhaps most annoying was the fact that Scott saw the whole affair as a good deed on his part -- he helped Dale grow a pair of balls.

The Kardashian sisters -- about whom the show is supposed to be about -- did manage to get a few minutes of screen time this week. As they got ready to open Dash New York, Khloe came to town. Poor Kim felt like a third wheel as Khloe and Kourtney fawned all over one another. Even though she's 30, Kim still gets her feelings hurt like a grade school girl whose best friend jumped rope with someone else.

But after some pouting and a little intervention from her new best friend, Scott, they got that bow out, talked it through, and decided to be the three musketeers or the chipmunks or something. And all was well in Kardashian land once again.

Are you sick of seeing the show dominated by Scott Disick?

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