New 'Wonder Woman' Outfit Anti-American, According to Right-Wing Nutjobs

The buzz is building for the Wonder Woman television reboot. A few weeks after announcing the casting choice of Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki as the iconic female superhero, NBC and Warner Bros. Television have decided to show us a sneak peek of what the actress is going to look like in her golden lasso getup.

The first photo has been released of Palicki in the new Wonder Woman uniform, and it's…um…well, it's definitely shiny.

Oh, let's be honest. It totally looks like a fake-latex Slutty Superhero outfit from the Halloween bargain bin at Party City.

While some fans are reacting with raised eyebrows over the campy costume, leave it to Fox News to declare the redesigned Wonder Woman as "stripped of her patriotism."


No. Really. They said that.

An article at complains that the new outfit replaces Wonder Woman's signature American flag, "purging the super hero of all her trappings of Americana."

According to Fox, losing the star-studded hot pants means the designers caved to globalization. Oh NOES, the pants worn by a fictional television character represents America's disturbing GLOBALIZATION TREND. Gosh, that's not remotely ridiculous. Or xenophobic.

The 70's Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, has weighed in with her own opinion regarding the costume:

“She’s got an attitude, and if this is the new thing she wants to wear, well by God she’s going to wear it. And I like that. And I hope somewhere in the story someone mentions, where’s the old one? And she says, 'Get over it'."

In other words, suck it, Fox.

What do you think about Wonder Woman's new duds?

Image via Warner Bros

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