Shania Twain Wants to Air All Her Dirty Laundry

shania twainOzzy Osbourne, Jessica Simpson, Gene Simmons, and now ... Shania Twain? Yeah, the Canadian pop-country sensation who you couldn't get off of your radio in the late '90s is the latest music star to put her life out there for us on her very own reality TV show. It'll be called Why Not? and will premiere on Oprah's new network, OWN, on May 8.

Supposedly, a lot has changed since Shania sang "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." For one thing, she split with her hubby of 14 years, Robert "Mutt" Lange, after he reportedly cheated on her with her best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud, who also happens to be the ex-wife of Shania's new husband, Frederic Thiebaud. Whoa, love square much?

It's no wonder she has a lot of issues she's been working through. And now, she wants to deal with them in front of a TV audience ...


The show is supposedly about "healing, sharing, and rediscovering her voice," and she will visit her childhood home in Canada (where she grew up in poverty) and work with vocal coaches, a grief counselor, and other artists like Lionel Richie and Gladys Knight.

Why Not? seems to be the question she's asking herself about putting her whole life out there for the world.

Well, here's why not! She can kiss any sense of privacy she's had surrounding her issues "adios!" I hope she talks to Lionel about how reality TV affected his daughter, Nicole. And even though Shania's clearly the more successful country star, Jessica Simpson could probably teach her a thing or two about it, as well.

Both of them could probably tell her that when you put your life out there, it's not yours anymore. It's the public's for the taking, the tweeting, the late night TV show roasting. How much ya wanna bet she's soon the butt of a joke on SNL? Or Well, that's if she's lucky! Because the producers of her show will want that. It'll mean that people are actually tuning in to her show.

(It's like how Snooki shouldn't be angry that people are dissing her. She should just be thrilled that they even know who the hell she is!)

I get the impression that stars these days think they have no choice but to share their reality with their audience. Not just in candid interviews with Rolling Stone or the occasional Facebook status update, either. We're not going to stay engaged with them unless we have all the layers. Until we are right there with the skeletons in their closets (literally -- remember when Mariah Carey had her notorious nervous breakdown on MTV?).

But will celebs balk at the idea of paparazzi stalking them around their hometown when the cameras aren't rolling anymore? Or be upset that their life is now fodder for our gossip blog amusement? More times than not, it seems like they're just not prepared for the aftermath that is sure to come with sharing their most intimate moments with a TV audience. And they should be if they're going to invite those cameras into their world.

As far as Shania's concerned, it seems like she has some difficult issues to work through. So I just hope she actually feels as carefree as she's letting on about this can of worms she's clearly about to open!

Do you think Shania knows what she's getting herself into?


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