'American Idol' Recap: Steven Tyler Should Be Fired

Steven TylerThe dirty dozen lost a solider last night on American Idol. While I had Karen Rodriguez pegged as my alternate in the bottom three, I gotta say I was surprised to see her go. Am I upset? Not really. I was kind of getting tired of her because she's just not that fun to watch. Is she 45? Is she 25? I have no idea. All I knew for certain about her was that she could translate songs into Spanish.

You know what else I know? Steven Tyler is a leering lunatic and a liability.


He is so the new Paula. Did you see his outfit last night? Did.you.see.his.out.fit.last.night. He clearly borrowed a sequined jacket from Paula, a leotard from J. Lo, and the green St. Patrick's Day beads from his drug dealer.

I'm so disappointed in him. I wanted him to give real advice and real criticism drawing on his decades-long tenure as a bona fide rock star. Instead he makes up words (like Paula did), makes no sense (like Paula didn't), and dresses like a drunk blind person ready for a gay parade (like Paula did). I expected so much more from him -- I'm so let down. Adding insult to injury, he doesn't even look like he wants to be there. Did you notice that J. Lo and Randy don't even confer with him when making decisions? Steven! How could you let this happen?! At least he got what he probably wanted out of this; Aerosmith records are flying off the shelves again.

So Karen went home despite her wherewithal to cater to the Latino demographic. She just wasn't cool enough. It was like Selena's mom performing up there. Granted, I think Naima should've been sent home last night, but Karen had to go sooner or later.

Is anyone else turned off by Naima? I'm afraid she's going to break down into uncontrollable sobs of, who cares if it's happy sobs or sad sobs, but just sobs. She's so unstable -- as if her Chiquita Banana outfits didn't already warn us of her inner emotional thunderstorm. She makes me nervous and uncomfortable -- she needs to go home next week.

Are you happy or sad to see Karen go?

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