Lee DeWyze Performance Make Us Wonder About Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox and B.B. KingWhen it comes to American Idol, one season quickly fades when a new one starts. Singers you rooted for with deep emotion are easily forgotten, and you may not even remember who won. Such was the case tonight when Lee DeWyze (who won last season) came back to Idol to perform his first single, "Beautiful Like You." While it was nice and all -- just like he seems to be -- it had more people asking about the more memorable contestant he beat out for the title: Crystal Bowersox.

So where has second place taken Bowersox? Well, she's been quite busy in the last year. Here are a few of things she's been up to as of late:


Diabetes Campaign: She has signed up along with B.B. King as an ambassador for OneTouch, a type of glucose monitoring system for people with diabetes. The two singers will appear together in a series of national advertisements. (She has been a Type 1 diabetic since she was 6.)

Country: She made her debut at the Grand Ole Opry last month -- though it was a surprise to her and the audience. She was invited up on stage and reportedly wowed the crowd with her song "Mine All Mine." She's further embraced her country roots by moving to Nashville.

Album: She released her first album, Farmer's Daughter. It has received mixed reviews and has sold 170,000 copies since its release in December.

Family: She wed her long-time friend Brian Walker in October 2010. "Mine All Mine" was written about him. Awww. She has also made it clear she's ready to have more babies.

Not bad for someone who "lost" last season I'd say.

Are you a fan of Crystal Bowersox? Did you see Lee DeWyze perform on American Idol this week, and if so, what did you think?

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