Is ESPN Star Erin Andrews Our Next 'Bachelorette'?

erin andrewsRemember when sports reporter Erin Andrews was all, "Coach, what did you say to the guys at halftime?" Well now she's all, "Coach, you'd like to see me as the Bachelorette, right?" Something like that.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant and lawsuit winner of her peeping Tom case, Andrews is widely known for her sideline reporting as well as her reality TV appearances. So it seems kinda logical that she'd like to be the Bachelorette.

So what sports stars would she like to compete for her love?


Actually, she didn't request any. She wants nerds she can beat up.

So I was thinking they could put really nerdy guys on and I could be like are you serious right now with that line. Then my dates wouldn't be sky-diving or plummeting from buildings. We would go to batting practice and I would see if they could hold their own talking to some of these guys and if they were a total dork, it would be like you're done, you're out.

This just in: Erin Andrews can't form a sentence, hates dorks.

That was way harsh, Erin. We get it, you're sporty. She needs someone who can hang with her at the batting cages and in the locker room. She obviously knows that game isn't about eliminating love, it's about finding love. Here's who should be on the show with her:

  • Reggie Bush. He's hot. He's Kim Kardashian's ex. He's got a Super Bowl ring. 
  • Mark Sanchez. Who doesn't love a quarterback in a Jets jersey?
  • Tyler Hansbrough. This gentle giant and former UNC starting center is a dream match for Erin.
  • A Rod. He likes every girl with blond hair and is super competitive, making him the perfect guy to vie for a rose. 
  • Landon Donovan. This soccer stud seems kinda slutty, maybe Erin digs that.

Would you watch if Erin was the Bachelorette?

Photo via ConspiracyofHappiness/Flickr

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