'Survivor Redemption Island' Recap: Everyone Gets a Clue

survivor redemption islandIt’s Thursday morning, which means Survivor: Redemption Island recap time! As you sip some Irish coffee on this St. Patty’s Day, we have our first episode since Russell’s boo-tay was booted from the game. Interesting stuff in this one, folks.

Not sure what the Powers That Be are trying to tell us, but there’s one rule I've learned after watching way-too-many hours of Reality TV: The "It's All in the Editing" Rule. These guys have hours and hours of footage to pare down to 48 minutes. They include sound bites and certain clips for a reason. They show us what we need to know. In this episode, it was really about the one-on-one camera time, what was said -- and why we, sitting our couches, saw it.

They are kinda like our hidden immunity clues. Let's see what they tell us. Like on Blue’s Clues -- every time I see a clue, instead of a blue paw-print, I’ll type CLUE!


So, we start at Zapatera, which is now in the PR (Post-Russell) Era. Things seem to be hunky-dory, but we get three revealing one-on-ones: Steve reveals he’d like to bring in former Russell Girls Stephanie and Krista before the merge, which just shows he’s kinda clueless as to any sort of strategy because that never works (CLUE!). Julie says she doesn't care much about Stephanie and Krista, they are “pawns” and “can’t do any damage to us” (CLUE!). Stephanie and Krista are fortunate to get picked to go watch the duel. Stephanie, who is impressing me more and more with her game play, says she’s going to send a message to the other tribe that she and Krista will flip come merge (CLUE!).

Duel Time! So, we have Stephanie and Krista watching and Head Minion Grant and Jedi Rob are there too. Perfect for Stephanie’s plan. In Kristina v. Matt, we have the Giant 3-D Cube Puzzle, where you have big stone pieces that fit somehow to make a big stone square. Matt -- as he is doing his puzzle, mind you -- starts heckling Jedi Rob, asking why he got voted out and so on. Meanwhile, Kristina is struggling with the puzzle, but no one really cares. Matt ends up winning, and then we have a Jedi Rob Love Fest, with Stephanie and Krista winking and telling him, “We’re gonna flip!” while Matt, who is on Redemption Island because of him, still wants his approval. Jedi Rob gives everyone a thumbs up, and nobody really cares as Kristina burns her buff and is out of the game.

Back at Ometepe, while Jedi Rob and Grant were away, Phillip is frustrated. The Minion Girls don’t want to be around him. But wait! Andrea reveals to us she’s frustrated too, that the other Minion Girls annoy her, that there are no “real” conversations, no strategy with the other girls (CLUE!). Andrea and Phillip have a little heart-to-heart (can we say weirdest pairing EVER?) but no alliance is set (yet?). Phillip tells the camera, “The king is a dictator, I’m a lord and waiting for my opportunity.” (CRAZYPANTS CLUE!)

At Zapatera, it's rainbows and ponies. They are confident. They are a happy smiley tribe. Julie sees it, though. She thinks they are too confident, that there’s bad karma there (CLUE!).

Immunity/reward challenge time! It’s the Blindfolded Team-Caller/PuzzleDoer one, where one teammate calls and directs where his/her blindfolded teammates should go to get bags of puzzles pieces. The caller then has to complete a word puzzle. Loads of pressure on the Caller/PuzzleDoer. Jedi Rob is the caller for Ometepe, as Stephanie calls for Zapatera. It comes down to the puzzle (as it always does). Jedi Rob opens the bags, one piece knocks to the ground, BUT he finds it and beats Stephanie. Like Julie said, bad juju. Jedi Rob and Ometepe win. Everyone has a case of the couldashouldawouldas and agrees Dave should have done the puzzle.

Ometepe gets immunity and reward -- some coffee and breakfast goodies. Head Minion Grant finds the clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol in the coffee grounds ... and gives it to Jedi Rob! I know, I know -- what is he thinking?? Head Minion Grant has succumbed to his too-tight dreds and the power of Jedi Rob. Jedi Rob once again proves his mastery of Survivor -- he takes this new clue and switches it with the first clue for the idol he already has. (Yes, at this point, I’m a little in awe of him.) Head Minion Grant doesn't have a clue ... okay, he has a clue, but it’s an old clue to an idol that’s already been found. Jedi Rob laughs at all of this to the camera, saying it’s fun for him, that he has to do something because he’s bored (CLUE!).

Tribal Council time! Krista talks more in these 4 minutes than in all of the previous episodes combined and plants some seeds in the Zapaterians' minds, reminding them at some point, that alliance of 6 is gonna have to turn on each other. She calls out Dave, who is kinda the low man on the totem pole, to do something (CLUE!). Her words don’t make a difference (yet!) and Krista is voted out.

So, let's head to the thinking chair and see what these clues mean. Unfortunately, I'm not sure we're going to be able to fully know what the Powers That Be are trying to tell us until the next episode, but CLUE! after CLUE! point to big changes, much maneuvering, and top-notch stra-tee-ger-eee coming soon. And now it's time for so long!

What did you think of last night's Survivor: Redemption Island episode?

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