Kurt & Blaine Boy Kiss on 'Glee' Is Every Girl's Fantasy

kurt blaine kiss boys GleeFinally! Last night on Glee, beautiful Kurt (Chris Colfer) and his dreamy boy crush Blaine (Darren Criss) did it at last. And by "it," I mean kissed -- and the long-awaited kiss between the two school boys was soft, slow, sweet, and slurpily swoonworthy -- just like all the fairytale kisses of our girlhood fantasies.

But who says young gay boys don't dream of having magical Prince Charming moments too? I mean, those heavenly and intoxicating flights of fancy are good enough for us, right ladies?


As a tween, I endlessly fantasized about the perfect romance. My girlfriends and I would make up and play out elaborate scenes with imaginary boys -- set under the shiny disco ball at the roller rink, of course. The boys of our fantasies would arrive, say the most perfect things, and sweep us off our feet until, at last, the electrifying moment before and the ever-perfect ... kiss. That kiss was all we ever wanted.

Well, Kurt is a hopeless romantic himself. Unlike Puck and many boys his age, he's not being led around by his penis on a quest to "conquer" someone, anyone, and fast. No, Kurt gets lost in the reverie of romance, and it is so refreshing for a gay male character on television.

So often the media gets stuck on portraying relationships between gay men or teen boys as overtly sexual and nothing more. When we get into more mature television and films, these relationships are often portrayed as dirty, lusty interludes, which take place in dark underground clubs to the thump of house music. And gosh, it's just not like that. Young gay love can be romantic just like young straight love. Especially now that many gay teens are coming out in their high school years, new love between boys can be innocent and awkward and sweet, and that's what Glee reminded us about in last night's episode.

Before THEY KISSED, Blaine prefaced his smooth prep school boy lip lock with these shamelessly fantasy-inducing words to Kurt:

There is a moment when you say to yourself, "Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you forever." Watching you do "Blackbird" this week, that was the moment for me. About you. You move me, Kurt.

Swooooooon! I haven't felt so deliciously 14 years old in a long, long time. Thanks, Glee!

What'd you think of the long-awaited Kurt and Blaine kiss?


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