'Glee' Star Darren Criss Has a Gay Crisis

glee blaine and kurtDuring last night's Glee, Darren Criss' character Blaine shared a fairy tale kiss and got official with Kurt (aka Chris Colfer). Of course, we'll have to wait and see how their romance pans out -- hopefully it outlasts all the other straight-and-messy, love triangle match-ups on the show! -- but in the meantime, it feels good to know that it seems like Criss is going to be part of the Glee cast for now. Especially because he recently "came out" as an amazingly wise, outspoken guy!

Criss recently told Vanity Fair that although he plays a gay guy on TV, he's actually -- ladies, hold your shrieks -- STRAIGHT! Why did he feel like he had to clarify, though?


He says ...

It’s more empowering to everybody if I’m articulate about identifying myself as a straight male playing a gay character. Ultimately, that’s more powerful for both communities.   

It seems like the 24-year-old is wise beyond his years. So often, actors seem to want to dance around the issue. Of course, it can't be easy to come out if you're gay or to admit that you're straight playing gay. And it makes sense that they'd worry their following could be disenchanted in either case. For instance, with Criss, Glee-sters may be disheartened to hear that he's actually not ga-ga for guys, like Blaine. But I have to say Criss has made the right decision by telling the truth.

After all, what good does it do the audience if they're under a false assumption about an actor they admire? For an actor, coming out as straight is just as empowering in some ways as coming out as gay. Criss elaborates:

... For the longest time when people asked me about Blaine, I wanted to say it doesn't matter. And it doesn't. But I don’t want to devalue it, because it’s a very earnest question, and I can see why people would want to know. And I realized that if I said, It doesn’t matter, that immediately means that I’m gay. So I do define myself as a straight male, but it really doesn't come into play with me in this role. As an actor, your objective is always to play the scene. And in this case, he happens to be a gay teen.

It's actually kind of funny how we all seem to think we know better about celebs' sexuality. Like, every time I've mentioned to friends that John Travolta is gay, gay, gay, it always strikes me as so odd that people usually say, "NO! No way!" But, on the other hand, we can find ourselves assuming young, teenybopper heartthrobs (like, say, Zac Efron) are ultimately going to end up heading down Neil Patrick Harris Lane. Obviously, that's not necessarily true.

You could say it seems like America needs better gaydar ... but maybe the point is that 'gay or not' doesn't really change whether or not an actor can steal our hearts through the screen.

What do you think about Darren Criss "coming out" as straight? Do you see it as controversial? Surprised? Do you care or not really?


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