'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: A Pathetic Proposal & The End of the 'Housewives' Train

Marysol PattonMiami is the end of the Real Housewives train, according to Andy Cohen of Bravo. He told Ok! earlier today that it's the last city in which a Real Housewives series will be launched. It's a little sad, no doubt, but not so surprising as Miami has done nothing but disappoint. But since we've already started the journey, we may as well ride it to the end ... bringing us to the lamest, most insincere, emotionless proposal in the history of proposals, which we witnessed on this week's episode.

It was Frenchman Philippe who bumbled his way through asking Marysol Patton for her hand. I thought the French were supposed to be romantic, but this was more robotic. Granted, it's difficult to read emotion on Marysol's face due to all the plastic surgery and Botox, but there was exactly NO romantic connection between the two. None -- no chemistry, no spark, no flirtation, not even an ounce of hope for one.


But yet there he went and proposed, and she accepted, donning an engagement ring about half as big as her head. It was enormous -- over 20 carats total we learned later from her mother, Elsa the witch, from whom Philippe bought the ring. I'm not sure why he would buy a ring for his wife from her mother, but I hope he got a deal.

The proposal itself went roughly something like this:

"I went and asked your dad for your hand; he wondered why it was so soon and doesn't even know how to pronounce my last name, but said okay. So will you marry me? Okay, good, then I'm in charge of your happiness. You're so much more than a McDonald's milkshake."

Or something close to that. Her response (this one verbatim): "Is this a joke?" Yes, the whole thing was ... to viewers at least. Eventually she accepted and they sat staring blankly at each other, not even kissing. Oh, and she decided they had to rush to Aspen before the snow melted for the actual ceremony.

In another awkward moment, Philippe announced the couple's engagement at Alexia's pig party. Lea Black couldn't contain her shock or amusement at the upcoming union.

"I wanna know how long they've been together, because I want to know how long they’re going to last," she slurred out loud to the whole dinner table after they shared the news with everyone. "I did not know he needed a green card.”

"You need a green card, why didn't you tell us?"

A little awkward, yes, especially with the pig looming near.

Anyway, off to Aspen they went where in the final moments of the show, Marysol started getting nervous about the marriage. So the question left for next week is whether they'll actually tie the knot ... or perhaps more importantly, if Philippe will get his green card.

Do you think Miami should be the last city for a Real Housewives franchise? Do you think Philippe is marrying Marysol for the right reasons?

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