'Glee' Recap: Look Ma, We Can Write Our Own Songs (VIDEOS)

lea michele gleeFinally! After a year and a half of defending the fact that I get my Gleek on every week, Glee has done it. They gave us a "real" glee club.

You know, one that doesn't just rehash the same old, same old for the applause? I know, Gleeks, we've been loving Glee just as it is for all this time. But tonight's "Original Song" episode gave us ammunition to last us through the next three rounds of "why do you like that show?" and beyond. Just as the name implies, they gave us original songs! Oh yeah, and some more "love the one you're with," but more on that later. 


First -- regionals are here! And Sue has successfully gotten My Chemical Romance to say no sharesies on the rights to the song Mr. Schue had his heart set on for the New Directions. So while she thinks she's got a lock on Aural Intensity's win with a bunch of religious songs, Schue's back to the drawing board for songs. Which means taking a chance and letting Rachel Berry and Co. put pen to paper to write their own songs.

Anything has to be better than her ode to her headband, right?

With a little heartbreak courtesy of Quinn moving in on Finn (sorry Rachel, where have you BEEN the last few episodes??), Ms. Berry finally dug deep and gave us a showstopper with "Get It Right":

She could have been singing for anyone in America with the words "how many times will it take to get it right?" And for the Glee writers, who have been accused of getting it wrong enough times in the past year and a half. But the second helping of new from the New Directions cleared that one up for us too:

Gleeks, "Loser Like Me" might as well be our new theme song. It doesn't matter what people think of our fanship. We've all found a comfort in sharing something, and it's good enough for us. And good enough for the judges, ahem. The New Directions kick Warblers' and Aural Intensity's collective behinds, and they're on to nationals -- thanks in no small part to the hysterical Loretta Devine as a pole dancer turned nun turned performance judge.

Speaking of, a few tastes from the episode that were glossed over too quickly in the rush to regional performances (the one failure of this episode, ahem, can we get a little preamble next time, Glee writers?): Blaine and Kurt are finally an item! And Kurt finally got a kiss that wasn't from a homophobe throwing him up against a locker! Squeeee.

Santana isn't just playing around with lesbian. She's upset that Brittany has blown her off to be with "Stubbles McCripplepants," and she's going to keep it up. Hands up for a show gutsy enough to have multiple gay characters in prime time. That's what I'm talking 'bout!

And one final note on love: did Mr. Schue close that ep. with a lovey dovey phone call from Holly Holliday? Looks like Gwyneth Paltrow's coming back when the show returns in April. Yes, April, that's the bad news. No Glee until next month.

So, thoughts ... are we there yet? Is this a "real" glee club? And are you ready for nationals in New York?


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