Did 'Bachelor' Brad Womack Make His Choice Because of His Mom?

Last night, we all saw Bachelor Brad Womack choose Emily Maynard over Chantal and none of it was a surprise, but not just because of the spoilers. The whole season, it was clear that Brad mainly had eyes for Emily, but when she met the family, it sealed Chantal's doom.

Of course they liked Emily. In my opinion, neither girl was an intellectual dynamo and quite frankly, of the two, I would have picked Emily, too. But listening to what your mom thinks and making your own love selection based on that is a very iffy proposition.

In my own life, it's hard to imagine I would have ever been happy had I married a man my dad picked even though certainly I trust and love him. It's just that my dad doesn't know the quirky parts of me or the side of me that chose my husband.


This isn't to say that my parents dislike my husband. On the contrary. In fact, they like him a lot and there is nothing about him to dislike. He loves me and our children, works hard, makes a decent amount of money, and is always supportive and helpful. But he isn't exactly like my dad and I'm quite certain that my father would have preferred I marry a man just like him.

Because a workaholic lawyer who shares the same religion was never my "type," I more or less ignored his input. And this was a good thing. I wanted him to like whatever man I brought home (he loathed my first two serious boyfriends), but his opinion meant little beyond that initial approval.

Watching Brad last night, it made me realize that every Bachelor says the same thing. "My family means everything to me." But sometimes our families really don't know us the best. We get uptight around them or we hide our wicked sense of humor because they're more reserved. We certainly don't talk about sex in front of them. At a certain point, especially at Brad's age (late 30s), our parents don't even know us as well as our friends.

So, it seems odd that Brad would go with his mom's opinion. Of course she would pick Emily. She seems like an old person's dream. She is settled and calm and pretty in a very non-threatening way. Of course this didn't stop her from giving Brad hell on the After the Final Rose ceremony.

Still, one might wonder if he might have been happier going with his gut rather than letting mom decide for him. He may still have picked Emily, but it's hard to know for sure.

Did you let your mom pick your mate?

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