'The Bachelor' Finale Recap: I Give It 5 Months, Tops

There were no big surprises in The Bachelor finale for Season 15. Brad Womack did everything that the Reality Steve spoilers said he would.

"It is simply a matter of me having stronger feelings for someone else," Brad told Chantal as he let her go. I wasn't surprised in the least, but it's always just a little nerve wracking to watch it happen. Of course Brad picked Emily Maynard, but now the real question: will they be happy?

That remains to be seen. In Touch reported last week that Maynard may not be all that she seems and that perhaps her sad story wasn't all true. Either way, she was the obvious choice.


Brad's family loved her. But of course they did! Talk about benign. Emily would never say anything untoward. She would always send her thank-you notes on time. She is perfectly poised and coiffed and basically perfect.

But perfection isn't always as it seems. And as we saw in the After the Final Rose special, it hasn't all been so easy. Emily and Brad say they have already broken up and then hooked back up.

I'm not a bit surprised that he sent Chantal home, but I would be shocked if he and Emily last more than a year. I really hope she doesn't move her daughter across the country only to go back again.

Some final observations:

  • Emily wore white(ish) and Chantal wore black. Was there some kind of symbolism in that? Did they know something ahead of time?
  • Brad was admirably honest with Chantal. "I have stronger feelings for someone else" is about the best thing a man can say to a woman. Not to say that it's easy to hear, but it's so much better than any other excuse, like, "It's not you, it's me."
  • Emily is too reserved. I didn't get the sense that she really did love him all that much, so when Chris Harrison said it was "the most emotional finale in Bachelor history," I call BS. There was no emotion from anyone but Chantal.
  • Chantal took Brad down hard and he deserved it. He really seems to lack something in the human emotion and compassion department.
  • Brad and Emily have a long, long road ahead and I don't see a great deal of happiness for them. Emily made it abundantly clear that she is putting on a happy face for the cameras until she can dump him. Did anyone else get that?
  • Did anyone else think Emily looked incredible on ATFR? She was pretty on the show, but outstandingly gorgeous on the special, no?
  • Finally, DUDE. Please stop trotting out Trista and Ryan. I'm so sick of these two I could scream. OK, OK. We get it. You're happy. Boring, already. Let's move on. If I never have to see them again, it will be too soon.

Anyway, congrats to the "happy" couple. I hate to doubt you, but you know ... it wouldn't be The Bachelor if I didn't.

Did you like the outcome?


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