Which 'Bachelor' Finalist Has Better Style? (PHOTOS)

bachelorIf you hopped out of bed this Monday morning because The Bachelor finale is on tonight, yay! Let's be friends. I love this show and I don't care who knows it. While I don't have any Bachelor spoilers, I do have opinions on the ladies. I think both Emily and Chantal are great women -- beautiful, smart, fun, and in what might be a Bachelor first ... they're actually stylish. Usually the girls dress in shiny prom dresses, but this season our finalists know how to put together a great outfit for every occasion, from the beach to the ballroom.

Let's look at Chantal's and Emily's top 3 looks each!


Early on in the season, we knew Emily had game when she dressed in this French Maid's outfit for a challenge. Girl rocked it.

emily maid

I fell in love with Emily when she wore this on her date in Anguilla. She has an amazing body, but chose to wear a chic black and gold cover-up and managed to look elegant and sophisticated ... and still darn hot.

emily beach

I haven't met a color block dress that I haven't liked. Fab!

emily dress

Hard to look hotter than Chantal here in Brad's jacket. A date's coat is always the best accessory.

chantal jacket

Props to Chantal for going safari chic with this look, yet keeping it young and playful with her black Chucks. Her makeup looked great, too.

chantal safari

I generally shy away from a deep V empire waist dress because I think sometimes they look too cheesy. Chantal pulled it off though, and looked stunning.

chan dressWho do you think has better style, Emily or Chantal?

Photos via abc.com

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