'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Marriage Matters

Alexis BellinoMarriages for The Real Housewives of Orange County aren’t faring so well. In fact, by the time Vicki Gunvalson and Don finalize their divorce, there will be just two Housewives that are actually wives -- Alexis Bellino and new Housewife, Peggy Tanous, who we just met tonight.

We don’t know enough about Peggy yet, other than she gets off on guns, to judge her marriage, but counseling may be wise whether they’re happy or not given the track record of the others.

As for Alexis, her marriage to Jim is shaky at best, and just creepy in general. 


She makes the Stepford Wives look like rebels and believes that the Bible says you should put God first, your husband second, and your children third. Where she comes in isn’t clear, though I’m not too worried about her neglecting herself when she shows up to yoga with a Chanel gym bag and fake eyelashes. But perhaps that’s for husband and children too.

Over post-yoga cocktails with Tamra Barney, who’s in the midst of a divorce from super-controlling Simon, Alexis admitted that the whole stay-at-home-mom/trophy-wife gig is driving her insane, but it’s still the right thing to do. She sees absolutely no similarities between her super-controlling husband and Simon, but she’s clearly under his spell.

“There are times I’m out of line and Jim has to put me back in line,” Alexis told Tamara.

I rewound my DVR several times to make sure she said it, and she wasn’t joking, but she was dead serious. What century are we in again? She calls it protective; Tamra (and most of the rest of us) calls it CONTROLLING. Of course if you really like the bling his bucks bring in, then perhaps you're willing to call it whatever he tells you to call it.

Alexis is going back to work, but if it gets in the way of her husband and her children, then they’re going to have a family meeting. Wonder who gets to call those?

We also saw Alexis’s competitive side come out when she tried to one up every little move Peggy’s daughters made by boasting about her own "overachievers.” She personified the kind of mom you most want to run from if you ever encounter her in real life. According to reports, that's just the beginning of what's going to be much more tension between the two blondes. And yes, the entire cast of Orange County is now blonde -- or at least blondish in the case of Fernanda.

Vicki, meanwhile, woo-hooed it up in Seattle at an insurance conference and flirted with some young guy. Don was back home with the dog; no need to worry about him controlling Vicki. While on the show they appear to be working things out, they have confirmed they're still getting divorced in real-time. They're still living together, but they've said reconciliation isn't a possibility. Seems it's money matters that are keeping them together this long ... which seems to be a common theme when it comes to relationships in general in Orange County.

Do you think Alexis’s marriage to Jim will last? Do you think he’s controlling or just protective?

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