Michaele Salahi Flunks 'Celebrity Rehab'

Michaele and Tareq SalahiRemember Michaele Salahi, the White House crasher from The Real Housewives of D.C.? Yeah, that nut job. Well, in search of a few more minutes of fame, she recently went on the show Celebrity Rehab to be cured by Dr. Drew Pinsky, along with Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, and a host of others who need help. But almost as soon as filming began, Michaele promptly got herself kicked off the show!

Now she's annoying, no doubt, but she's never been particularly belligerent or out of control -- more under the control of her creepy husband Tareq Salahi. And if you've watched Celebrity Rehab, you know things get pretty rough in there. It would take a LOT to get kicked off. So just how bad was Michaele's problem?


Actually, that's the problem -- she has no problem. Strike that, she has PLENTY of problems, just not the kind in which Dr. Drew specializes. According to TMZ, she got kicked off the show because she had "no addiction" and "no reason to be there." Even Tareq confirmed that her only addiction was "probably to chocolate."

So why the hell would she go on Celebrity Rehab? Likely for the same reason they crashed the White House -- because they're fame-hungry crazy people with no dignity or shame. But we knew that -- public opinion of them can't get much lower than it was. This is more of an embarrassment for Celebrity Rehab. That they cast the couple in the first place seems not only inconceivable, but pretty desperate as well. They offered somewhat of an explanation in a statement to E!:

The treatment program that Celebrity Rehab documents is intended for individuals with serious substance abuse and addiction issues. Prior to the taping of the current season, producers were advised that Michaele Salahi met the criteria to be treated in this setting. However, professional assessments spanning from that time to the present, found that she did not meet such criteria. 

Who exactly advised them in the first place, the Salahis? Like anyone should believe them! Of course, I also can't wait to see the episode in which Michaele gets kicked off the show, so that kind of explains it all.

Are you surprised to learn that Michaele Salahi got kicked off Celebrity Rehab? Why do you think they were cast in the first place?

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