Rob Lowe As Charlie Sheen? This Isn't 'Bewitched'!

rob loweRob Lowe may be the next actor to be labeled a "troll" by Charlie Sheen. That's because ever since Charlie officially got the axe from CBS, everyone's been wondering what other actor could possibly have enough tiger blood to replace the "star" of Two and a Half Men ... and producers are reportedly considering current Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe for the job. There's also some buzz about John Stamos, who most recently has been seen as guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury's sexy dentist hubby (although, perhaps soon, ex-hubby!) on Glee

Lowe's magnetic, sure, and he obviously has some acting and comedy chops, or else we wouldn't have seen him stick around for this long after St. Elmo's Fire. Stamos is definitely a funny man. And Full House was sort of a more successful, '90s version of Two and a Half Men, right? But, okay, here's the thing I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around ... Why are we even talking about REPLACING Charlie?!


I'm not asking in defense of Mr. Woman-Beating Adonis DNA. I don't want to see that goon come back on TV. I'd actually like to see him go to rehab and then go away forever. (Actually, can we send him to work on the space station, maybe, for 20-30 years? Along with Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, John Galliano, and everyone else who needs to just shut up and go away?)

No, what I mean is ... what is this? 1969, when Dick York, who had played Darrin on Bewitched for FIVE years, was suddenly replaced with Dick Sargent?

But, at least in that case, Bewitched was, uh, beloved. York had health problems that forced him to leave the show, and the ratings must have been good enough that the producers were like, "Okay, we'll just replace York with Sargent. They have a similar look and first name, maybe no one will notice!" (If people didn't notice, they were really dumb. When I was a kid, watching the show on Nick at Night, I remember asking my parents why Darrin didn't look like Darrin anymore. They said, "Oh, ha ha, that's the second Darrin!")

So, now, in 2011, the producers of Two and a Half Men think they can pull the same thing over on audiences and we won't notice/care? Just scrap Charlie and slip Rob or John in there as ... Charlie. (Yes, for those of you who don't watch, Charlie plays Charlie. Amazing acting going on right there!) Sounds like a dumb-ass move to me. They'd be better off just writing Charlie's character off the show, and bringing on a new character named ... Rob! Or John!

Or ... here's a thought! Why not just scrap the whole damn show? Who are you people who actually tune into this show and think, "Oh no!!! I really hope Two and a Half Men isn't CANCELED!" Do you really have nothing better to watch or to do with your time than watch this sit-com? Do you love it that much that you'll take Rob Lowe as Charlie Sheen over no Two and a Half Men whatsoever? If so, I'm sorry, but that's just really pathetic.

Do you think Charlie's character should be replaced by Rob Lowe or John Stamos; Charlie's character should be written off the show; or should the show just be put out of its own misery?

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