'The Bachelor' Recap: Is Michelle a 'Bad Mom'?

Episode 10 of Season 15 of The Bachelor was the infamous Women Tell All episode that usually means the women actually say nothing except a lot of thinly (and not so thinly) veiled insults in incredibly high-pitched whiny tones.

The show had a clear three-fold agenda -- plug Bachelor Pad 2 with a bunch of footage of hot and nasty single former cast members, have Ashley H. confront Brad, and bash Michelle.

Consider the mission accomplished on all fronts. I am very excited for the Bachelor Pad 2. (Hello?! Vienna is on it?) Should be a lot of fun. But, of course, we aren't there yet and Brad Womack is just one week away from proposing. If you follow the spoilers, you may have some idea, but if you don't, we wait.

And while we wait, let's bash Michelle! Come on! Everyone else is doing it!


The "bad mom" name calling was the hardest part to watch. As all the women attacked Michelle, she sat in the chair sobbing. Was she sincere? Was she playing for sympathy? Hard to say. What is clear is that it sure took the wind out of my sails. In explaining her extreme meanness, Michelle said:

I put a lot of pressure on myself because I left my daughter and I felt guilty. Maybe I shouldn't have done that.

Gee, I wonder. It's awfully hard as a mom to see all these other women who aren't moms call one of the only two moms on the show a "bad mom" for leaving her child behind. And yet ...

While I typically support mommy sabbaticals and time away to pursue creative and spiritual endeavors, I really am not sure that The Bachelor qualifies. She may be the best mom in the world when she is with her daughter, but leaving her child for more than a month so that she can go find "love" is pretty inexcusable.

I'm not going to use the term "bad mom." I won't even imply it that she is. But I do think that there is a time and a place for shallow and silly pursuits and that time has passed once you have a child. If she wanted love, could she not try something local? Match.com? It had to be The Bachelor?

Something just seemed off and I don't buy it. She may not be a bad mom, but she may very well be a bad person.

And now, of course, predictions ... I am thinking it's going to be Emily.

Do you think Michelle is a bad mom? Also: who will he pick?


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